The Deluxe Tagalong Bicycle Basket

Deluxe Tagalong As biking becomes more popular, cyclists are using their bikes for more and more daily activities and exercise. And it’s only natural that pets are becoming part of the biking lifestyle. We all want our pets to enjoy a lovely day out — how can we bring Fido along in a safe, comfortable way? The Delux Tagalong basket from Solvit tries to fit that need, with mixed results. The basket itself is good looking and sporty, padded for canine comfort, and provides anchor points to secure the safety leash and prevent jumping. The detachable canopy is a nice touch; it might make some dogs feel nervous and trapped at first (especially larger dogs), but most will be grateful for the shade during a sunny ride. The removable lining and pockets add to the convenience and functionality; it’s easy to carry everything you might need on a ride, and to wash the lining afterward. There is also a shoulder strap that converts the basket to a sort of (admittedly clunky) messenger bag for off-the-bike use. The whole thing weighs in at 5 pounds when empty, which is a noticeable but not overwhelming weight. It might take a little getting used to when riding, but it is easy to remove when not in use. Handling is decent. The basket is a little over a foot wide, and stretches across the handlebars to provide a fairly stable ride. Skittish small dogs may make handling difficult, though, as there will be enough room for them to run from one side to the other, shifting the weight significantly. Though the manufacturer claims a weight limit of 13 pounds, owners of dogs on the higher end of that scale will probably need additional straps or bungee cords to make sure the basket doesn’t sag. Keep this in mind when purchasing; there are a couple of modifications that might be necessary, so factor them in when deciding whether to buy. There is one huge, glaring problem: the bottom bracket tends to break. Solvits will send you a replacement bottom bracket if the one provided isn’t sturdy enough — they seem to have made some changes to the design, but for some reason the bracket included with the product still has some problems. Be very careful when installing and using the product for the first time! It might be a good idea to put something of around the same size as your dog in the basket for your first ride, so that if it breaks your dog doesn’t get hurt. This is a serious drawback, and one that throws all of the other good features into shadow. The manufacturers are proud of how easy the Tagalong is to install and remove, but the basket has to do its job first, or easy installation doesn’t matter. Overall, the Deluxe Tagalong is fairly expensive, especially considering all the modifications that might be necessary. Once those modifications are made, though, it’s a comfortable, attractive basket for small-to-medium-sized dogs. It’s easy to use, even modified, and obviously designed by a company that cares about dog-specific biking needs. If they solve the bracket issue, it will be a fantastic product.

Using The Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket As A Bicycle Basket For Large Dogs

Large dogs are fantastic companions on hikes and bike rides — until they get tired, anyway. Then, they need to be hauled. There’s baskets and totes for transporting tiny furry friends by bicycle, but how can we transport bigger, more robust canines around town or on trails?

Right now there isn’t a dog-specific solution, but if you have a medium-to-large-sized pooch, the Wald 157 basket might be a good fit.

This basket is huge. Measuring 21x15x9 inches, it’s designed for transport cyclists who use their bicycle instead of a car for errands, and can carry a staggering amount of weight. Unfortunately, this makes the basket itself very heavy, at almost 8 pounds. Leave it off the sport bike and put it on the cruiser instead; it takes a while to install and remove, so once it’s on the bike, you’ll want to leave it there.

On the subject of installation, the process will be harder on some bikes than others. The basket attaches to the front axle, which will cause problems for quick-release wheelsets. It also interferes with shocks, which is unfortunate, since its huge size and weight makes it more suited to a sturdy mountain bike than a slender road frame. The Wald website suggests having their baskets installed at a local bike shop; this is good advice, since bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s hard to know if the Wald 157 will easily fit your particular bicycle.

The sturdy design is built to last, made from robust materials and screwing securely to the frame. Unfortunately, that sturdiness can affect handling, weighing down the front of the bike. It will take some getting used to; practice cycling with just the weight of the basket before adding your dog! Lighter bikes may even want to fall over when parked, borne down by the weight of the Wald.

The good news is that it’s more than up to the task of carrying a large dog. What you sacrifice in speed and nimbleness is more than recovered with raw carrying capacity. Just add a blanket or a pillow to cover the wire and protect sensitive paws. The open design accomodates a leash easily, so you can secure your dog in the basket and prevent jumping. There might even be enough room for a water bowl and toys, depending on your dog’s size!

Unlike the carriers for small dogs, this basket will fit all your needs. (Which it should, since it takes a while to remove from the bike.) Just remove the blanket and pillow for easy washing and take a damp cloth to the basket as needed. You’ll be able to carry groceries and packages easily, without the need to switch among purpose-specific baskets and bags.

Enterprising DiYers will have extra fun with this basket; the open wires allow for all sorts of things to be strapped, zip-tied and otherwise hacked on to the basket. Try a light shade structure, for example, or whatever you can think of to turn the framework into a luxury doggy sedan chair. It’ll take a little work, but the potential is there.

Whether you’re a self-sufficient DiY genius, a pet owner strongly committed to your dog, or a little of both, this basket will serve you for many years. Provided you can take the weight, of course.


Peterboro Bike Baskets For Dogs

Peterboro Basket Company Bike Baskets For Dogs

So many bike accessories, even high-end gear, are made overseas with sub-par materials and hit or miss quality control. Just look at Amazon customer reviews — many companies have spotty quality control for even generally high quality products.  More and more, Americans are wanting to supporting domestic, smaller businesses over large corporations. New Hampshire based Peterboro Baskets is right in line with that trend, boasting handmade baskets from domestically sourced wood.  They make a high quality bike basket for dogs that is worth considering.

The Oldest Basket Maker in the USA

The founder, Amzi Childs, began weaving baskets in 1854, during the Industrial Revolution. Through several building fires and location changes, Petersboro Baskets has retained the business model of artisan, made to order baskets.  As the oldest basket makers still operating in the U.S., these guys have over a century and a half of experience with making baskets built to last. (Fifty of those years reside with Walter Hood, who has worked there since 1962.) To back that experience up, they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their containers.

Pet Carrier Basket

They have several bicycle baskets for sale, including a pet carrier basket for smaller dogs or cats. The website claims up to 25 lbs of carrying capacity, but at 18-1/2″x11-3/4″x 12-1/2,” a 25-lb dog will be a little bit squashed. Instead, carry your 10 to 15 lb dog or cat and rest assured that he/she is securely below the weight limit.

It’s not cheap at just over $100, but, as they point out on their website, their baskets are made from Appalachian White Ash (think baseball bats) and brass hardware. It’s a handsome basket, with a leather carrying handle and a safety latch, that would go beautifully with a classic or vintage-styled high-end touring bike or commuter.

Some pets might feel trapped in the basket, as its design is not very open, and the lid is not detachable, instead opening and closing with brass hinges. But this design will allow a dog to ride in the basket without a leash, which might be more comfortable for some pets. Some dogs and cats might actually like the design, as it is similar to conventional pet carriers that they may already be used to and feel safe in. They will still be able to see out, and get plenty of airflow, but not escape. One drawback would be the lack of lining, making the whole thing harder to clean. Whether the wood is resistant to scratching is unclear.

Several Finishes to Chose From

The pet basket comes in cherry, honey, or natural, to coordinate seamlessly with your bike’s color scheme. (Though some of the other baskets for offer come in a wider variety of colors, the pet carrier is only available in natural wood finishes.) For a small additional fee, there is the option to add a small or large plaque inscribed with your pet’s name or a message of your choice, for that little something extra.

All in all, the Peterboro Pet Carrier (With Leather Handle) is adorable and stately at the same time, invoking a sort of Mary Poppins feel. Its cost is balanced by its warranty and assurance of quality, and it might make a good choice for someone who likes the finer things in life, and who has a small, calm dog or cat.


Bling Your Bike Ideas From The Ground Up – Bike Valve Caps

Bikes are endlessly customizable. Practically every component can be upgraded, switched out, repaired, or just made better looking. One often-overlooked component that you’ve probably never even though about rests right on your wheels. Not the tires, not the rims themselves — the humble valve caps.  Valve caps serve the important function of making sure grease, dirt and regular wear and tear don’t ruin the valve (and by extension, the whole tube). But those little pieces of black plastic are so easy to lose, and frankly hard to care about.  Lately, some manufacturers are going all out to solve this problem, making exciting new valve caps you’ll love to have on your tires. (Bet you never thought you’d hear ‘exciting’ and ‘valve cap’ in the same sentence!)   A new day has dawned in valve cap awareness!  If you’re looking for bling your bike ideas a bit on the whimsical side, check out the new bike valve caps being made.

Presta or Schrader?

For Presta valves, the choices are still fairly limited. This might be because the extra few grams of weight added by a novelty valve cap would offset the weight saved by having a Presta valve in the first place. There are some sturdy metal versions available in interesting colors (the vivid metallic reds and blues are sophisticated and eye-catching), and a few missile-shaped and bullet-shaped caps, but beyond that, you’ll need to switch to Schrader for the really interesting stuff.

If you already have Schrader tubes, then all that’s left is to find what you like. For the kids (and kids at heart), there’s a popular cap in the shape of the iconic Hello Kitty head. What better way to teach your little one to keep track of their valve caps? (Plus, little hands might have an easier time screwing and unscrewing the larger cap.) Or, choose from the many skull-shaped caps for a macabre touch to your tires.

For the softer at heart, there’s Electra bubble caps. They’re a standard cap topped with an oval picture, usually of flowers, cherries and the like, perfect for those with an indie or retro bent. Skye Supply has caps along the same lines, but the picture is horizontal across the top of the cap, rather than vertical and visible from the sides.

In fact, if you can think of something vaguely round, it’s probably been made into a valve cap. From eyeballs to 8-balls, card suite symbols to grenades and even square dice, there’s really something for everyone.

Finally, if all that selection isn’t enough, why not look into light-up caps? Tech-lovers and late-night riders alike will enjoy blinking valve caps, which give the same effect as spoke lights in a smaller, more functional package. From tiny blinking skulls to minuscule, rainbow-strobing tubes, a light-up valve cap will instantly transform a bike into an eye-catching conversation starter. And as an added bonus, they’ll keep you safer on the road with all that increased visibility.

Who knew valve caps could be so interesting? They’re an affordable, offbeat way to add something special to your bike. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of whimsy, that final addition to your fully-customized beast, or just a stickler for color coordination, there’s a valve cap for you.

Bling Your Bike Ideas – The Possibilities Are Endless!

You’ve got your dream bike assembled and adjusted perfectly to your body. Now the fun part: upgrading and customizing your vehicle for your lifestyle. It’s an exciting time to cycle — there’s all kinds of goodies for both sports and transportation bikes.  Gone are the days of riding the same ole off the shelf bike your friends are riding. Are you ready for some bling your bike ideas?  The possibilities are endless!

Fabulous Fenders

Fenders Collage Bike customization is easier than ever before in the U.S., especially for commuter and leisure-style bikes. Fenders, long standard on European bikes, and skirt guards are finally making an appearance in The States to protect your nice clothing and let you wear your favorite outfits on your bike without risk of splash damage from rainy roads or loose fabric catching in your spokes. They’re functional and good looking — fenders come in everything from sporty plastic to retro hammered metal, and skirt guards range from crocheted splashes of color to wire modern-art confections. For rainy or snowy climates, try a chain guard. They keep your chain running smoothly, keep your long pants from getting caught and ruined, and incidentally provide a whimsical decorative touch. Look for chain guards with stenciled designs for a great retro or romantic feel.

Coordinate your tires with your seat and grips; tires come in all colors and sizes, from neon green to cream-colored whitewalls. Grip tape likewise comes in ever-increasing variety, from springy cork tape to festive cloth. These small accents can really tie a look together.

Baskets and Bags

Bike Bags and Baskets

Rear racks, baskets, and even frame-based totes let a bicycle carry almost as much as a small car. Panniers and containers for bikes are getting more attractive all the time; forget those fold up wire monstrosities of the 80s. Now, it’s all about sophisticated fabrics and upscale hardware. As an added bonus, some manufacturers carry good-looking panniers and front bags that convert to messenger bags and briefcases, so you can easily use them for business or shopping. There’s nothing quite like a warm afternoon ambling home from a hard day’s work with dinner in the front basket and a bottle of wine hanging from the top tube — why drive?

To complete the transformation to commuter vehicle, try dynamo lighting for a powerful, attractive headlight that charges while you ride. And consider a bell to warn pedestrians of your approach. They’ve come a long way from the bell you had as a kid. Now they come in everything from retro brass to adorable ladybug shapes, and are a great final touch to a bike you’ll want to ride every day.

Sleek and Streamlined

Bling You Bike Ideas Sleek and Streamlined

Sporty bikes have options, too, though they’re more limited by weight and aerodynamic constraints. Ditch the clunky, hard-to-use water bottle holders for sleek, streamlined designs that adjust to fit most bottles and flex to hold or release your water easily. Carry your favorite flashlight with you for biking and hiking, with a handlebar-mounted clip that turns your handheld light into a headlight. Look for small, specialized containers that fit under your seat and carry patch kits or spare keys for long rides. There are lightweight fender and mudguard options for mountain bikes, too, perfect for muddy trails (and they look great, besides). Finish off your fitness machine with a computer to track distance, speed, and improvement. Modern bike computers pack heart-rate monitors, GPS tracking and sometimes even route mapping, into one small package.

Snoozer Sporty Dog Bike Basket

Snoozer Buddy Dog Bike Basket The Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket is a well thought out product among a dependable line of bike accessories for small pets.  Are you in the market for pet products in general, such as beds or carriers?  Then I suggest that you have a look at the entire Snoozer Pet Products line.   But, for this article, I am just looking at the Sporty Bike Basket and how well it performs it’s task – carrying a dog with you safely on a bike ride.  Read on to find out the good, the bad, and the possibly looked over if you aren’t really thinking things through!

 Many Well Thought Out Features

This particular basket sports many features that are unique to pet bicycle baskets, designed to make both you and your pet feel at ease on rides.  For your pet’s comfort, the Snoozer put a removable inner pad and chin rest.  For the unexpected thundershower, they included a rain cover that stores away in the side pocket of the basket.  The ability to cover your pet  in a flash makes this basket a nice choice over other baskets on the market.   Most of this basket is made out of microfiber,  an extremely durable and easy to clean material, with Orange and a dark Red to chose from.  All in all, this is a basket will satisfy all requirements for both you and your dog!

Lots of Places to Store Needed Items

I like to take lots of things with me on rides.  Taking my dog with me requires that I add a few more things to the list.  This basket has plenty of places to store additional small items like my dog’s leash, a few dog treats (and people treats!!), a book, my keys and a water bottle in storage pockets that zip shut so they don’t fall out along the way.

Considerations Before Buying

I can see that for some bikes, this basket would not work.  It would be a good idea before purchasing to measure the distance between the lowest part of your handlebars, where the basket will hang from, and the top of your front tire.    If you don’t have enough clearance, the basket will rub on top of your front tire when you ride.  For reference, this basket measures 10 x 13 x 10.   Also keep in mind that this product is not suitable for dogs over 15 lbs, and may not be a good fit depending on the shape of your dog.  Again, keep in mind the 10 x 13 x 10 measurement of the basket .

The Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket retails on Amazon for $59.95 – $64.95, depending on what color you go with.    This is a very competitive price when compared with other products on the market.    Pay attention when shopping at the Amazon website though.  The photos that Snoozer has posted up of this product are not accurate.  They mix photos of the Sporty model and the Buddy model.  For reference:

Snoozer Sporty Dog Bike Basket

This is the Snoozer “Sporty”


Snoozer Buddy Dog Bike Basket

This is the Snoozer “Buddy”

 Simple Installation

This basket is extremely easy to install, use and remove when not in use.  Included with the basket are installation instructions.  Click on the link to read things over: Sporty Installation Instructions        The basket is attached to the handlebars with two straps.  If you have handlebars that are flat and smooth, the basket will likely slide from side to side. This basket works best with bars that are angled, that have a rise in them so that the straps will settle into the low part and not be able to slide from side to side.

All in All – A Great Basket, Loaded With Features!

All in all, this basket does what it’s designed to do, provided you keep in mind the fit suggestions I mentioned.  It really is loaded with nice touches that makes the basket a great pet specific bike accessory:

  • Chin rests for pet’s comfort
  • Two side water bottle pockets
  • Removable rain cover with opening for dog’s head
  • 2 large zippered front pockets
  • Includes internal harness clip for keeping pet secured
  • Reflective accents for added safety

I’ve actually left it on my bike even when I’m not taking my dog with me.  I can toss things in and head to the park, or down to the grocery store to pick up a few items.   Give it a try!  I think you and your pooch will be happy you did.

Snoozer Pet Products – The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Snoozer Buddy Dog Bike Basket

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket is a great product among a line of bicycle accessories for small pets.  If you are in the market for pet products in general, such as carriers or beds, I highly suggest that you check out all of the Snoozer Pet Product line.

 Unique Features

This specific product has a number of features that are unique to pet bicycle baskets.  For example, it has a removable inner pad and chin rest for your pet’s comfort.  The basket is designed so that it packs and ships flat, making the product extremely easy to store when not in use.  There is plenty of room for additional small items and the basket has mesh storage pockets for things like a book or water bottle.  The inner leash clip is perfect for securing your pet to the basket.  It’s a safety feature that’s important for potentially bumpy rides.  You certainly wouldn’t want your furry friend flying forward and the inner leash clip would prevent that from happening.  In the event that it rains, there is also a rain cover stored conveniently in the side pocket of the basket so you can cover your pet at a moments notice in order to keep him or her dry.  The bulk of the basket is made of microfiber, which is an extremely durable and easy to clean material, and comes in Grey or Pink.

Best Suited For Dogs Under 15 Lbs

This product is extremely easy to use and comes with an instructions letter.  Simply follow the instructions to secure it to your handlebars for a smooth ride with your pet.  Keep in mind that the product is not suitable for dogs over 15 lbs depending on the length and height of your dog. Dogs with high anxiety levels may not cope well riding with you on your bike in general.  If your dog is very high anxiety, you may consider taking it slow at first, giving them a chance to adapt to the basket.  The product works best for smooth, street or sidewalk rides.  If you want to go off road in your bike, this may not be the best product for you.

Bike and Installation Considerations

The product is not suitable for all bicycle types.  You may want to consider measuring the distance from the lowest point of your handlebars to the top of your front wheel if you are concerned about the fit.  For reference, it measures 10 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs about 4 pounds.  On the backside of the basket there are two straps that attach the basket to the handlebars. If the handlebars are a smooth open type the basket will likely slide from side to side. The basket works best with handlebars that are angled so that the two straps can rest in the lower, flat area and not slide.  There’s also an adjustable brace located under the basket that fits against the vertical bar located between your handlebars and front tire.

Great Price Point

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket  retails at Amazon for between $49.95 and $50.50, depending on what color you (or your dog) prefers.   This is very competitive with other similar products on the market.    Try it out!  According to the item details, you can return it if it doesn’t work for your bike.

Biking, Barking and Bonding: The Benefits of Cycling With Your Small Dog

 Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Spring has arrived and what a perfect time to go for a bike ride.  Wind in your hair, sun overhead, flowers in bloom and your dog in tow.   Yes, riding your bike is a blast as it is, but being able to bring your pooch along for the ride is the ultimate way to cycle.  With the right accessories you can even do it comfortably and in style.While you and your furry friend are en route to a destination you can both enjoy, such as a nearby park, your pet gets to sit back, relax and smell the smells. Once you arrive at the destination your dog can get it’s play and exercise time in while you sit back and relax.  Cycling with your small dog, it’s a win-win situation!

There are lots of additional reasons to bring your dog along for the ride.  For example, if you are someone who relies on your bike for transportation you may need to chauffeur your dog to the veterinary clinic or pet supply store on occasion.  If you are someone who uses your bike more frequently you may want to consider investing in bike accessories for your dog.  Humans have the essentials they need for bike riding such as helmets, reflectors and bike lights for riding at night, why not add accessories for your dog to that list?  Depending on the size and weight of your dog, you may want to use a dog bike basket.

Snoozer is a popular brand for dogs 15 pounds and under.  They have a great line of sporty, yet comfortable baskets for your small dog with enough room for additional, essential items like water bottles or a good book.  In fact, they have the #1 Bestseller in the Dog Bicycle Carrier category on Amazon, the Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket, which packs lots of features into a stylish basket that both you and your dog will find useful on rides.   If you have a larger dog, there are other options to consider like rear mounted baskets, trailers or leashes, but those can be bulky, more expensive and in the case of a leash, even a bit dangerous.   Snoozer’s bike baskets simply latch on to the front of your handlebars so you know it’s secure and your dog is in clear view for your peace of mind.

Increasingly, people are bringing their dogs with them everywhere, both large and small.  More bars, stores and restaurants are becoming pet-friendly.   I highly recommend biking with your small dog, of course, safely and with the proper accessories.  If your dog has never been along for the ride, take it slow at first.  Your little companion is sure to enjoy joining you for a cruise once you get going.

The Snoozer Pet Rider – A Luxurious Rear Mounted Dog Basket For a Bike

Snoozer Pet Rider

Some cars are not meant to be driven, but to be driven around in. Elegant rear seats, copious features behind the partition and just barebones for the driver. Just like chauffeured cars, any bike with a Snoozer Pet Rider basket is a bike that is not meant to be ridden, but ridden in. Plush fabric and spacious design will make your dog feel like they are being driven around in a limo to their favorite park.  The Snoozer Pet Rider  is a most luxurious rear mounted dog basket for a bike.

For Dogs Up To 24 Lbs

Snoozer makes a variety of pet baskets for cars, travel and for bicycles. The Pet Rider is a large basket with a 15 by 12 inch interior and thick, padded sides, which makes it really boxy. For smaller pets, around 10 pounds, the Pet Rider is unnecessarily large (remember, you are going to have to be able to place your pet in the basket and then throw a leg over the top tube without tilting the bike much; larger baskets make this more difficult). Snoozer designed the basket well and their craftsmanship allows it to carry a pet that weighs up to 24 pounds.

Requires a Rear Rack

A rear rack is required for mounting the basket, but almost every flat-top rack strong enough to carry your dog will work. To mount the basket, place it on top of the rack and then three straps secure it to the bike: one around the seat post and two around the seat stays. When you are mounting the basket for the first time, wrap the straps around the seat stays and seat post and slide them up and down until you find where the strap feels the strongest and least likely to slide. Once you find these spots, tighten each strap gradually, centering the basket, then cut off the extra fabric to keep it from getting caught in the spokes. Snoozer recommends adding a pet blanket to the bottom of the basket, for more comfort, before securing your pet with the basket’s leash.

Be Careful Using The Leash

The Pet Rider is one of the more luxurious baskets on the market, however, that seems to be its only strong point. The basket has an obvious safety issue and the mounting could use improvements. The leash can be adjusted to fit different size pets, but when it is loose enough to allow the dog to stand, they can jump out. Also, the leash attaches to the floor of the basket and pets can trip and get tangled in it. A better option would be a way to enclose the basket so no leash is needed.

We Think It’s Best For Small Dogs and Short Rides

Another drawback to the basket is the way it connects to bikes. Straps are inexpensive ways to mount a basket, but they are neither the most secure nor the most durable. The straps pull against the bikes frame for security, but larger bikes have very steep seat stays that make it likely that the straps will slide up the frame and loosen as you ride. Also, the straps are sewn into the basket and are not easily replaceable, so a small cut in one of the straps will make it unsafe to mount the basket and the whole thing is useless. Because of these downsides, the Pet Rider is good for pets that are going on shorter rides and do well in baskets. Just be warned, there is another downside to using such a comfortable basket: after seeing your dog curl up in it during a ride, you will be envious that you can’t curl up and have someone ride you around town.  Currently Snoozer isn’t doing for riders what they are for pets.  If you want to spoil your dog with short spins around town, and have him be the envy of all his neighborhood pals, the Snoozer Pet Rider is the basket to do just that!

Rear Mounted Dog Basket For a Bike – The Basil Pasja

Basil Pasja Dog Basket

Basil, a 40-year-old Netherlandic company, is currently making the Basil Pasja Pet Basket, one of the best on the market. The Pasja is a rear-mounting, wicker basket that comes in three sizes (16×12.5, 18×14.5 and 20×16.5 inches) and can accommodate up to a 30 pound dog. The basket has a great appearance, strong mounting options and options to keep pets safer. If a rear mounted dog basket for a bike is what you are after, the Basil Pasja is a solid choice for many reason.

What I noticed first about the basket is that there is nothing visually that makes the basket look pet specific, which I appreciated. The basket is not covered in fleece, or looks like an undersized suitcase I’m cramming my pet into. It is big, open and because of its simple wicker look, I can also use the basket for groceries or other errands too.

The best features of the Pasja are Basil’s creative mounting systems. The baskets can be mounted to either a rack or can be mounted only to the bike’s seat post, allowing the basket to “float” above the rear tire. When mounting the basket to a rear rack, there are two options, either a quick release system, like nothing else on the market, and a clamp with a hand crank. Both systems fit nearly every rack ever made and mount very securely but they have some minor differences. The quick release system allows you to put on and remove the basket much easier but the quick release lever locks against the legs of the rear rack and could get in the way of panniers. The hand crank keeps out of the way a little bit more, but is not as fast or easy as the quick release.


If you don’t currently have a rear rack, Basil has an optional mounting system called Elba which mounts the basket to the seat post. This saves you the cost of buying a rear rack and floating the basket acts like a suspension system for your pet. So, if you accidentally roll over a pot hole, the basket is allowed to bounce and absorb some of the shock. Please do not think this means you can take Toto down some steep single track; the floating basket helps to absorb minor shocks only. There are some minor limitations to the Elba; it only fits seat tubes that are 24.5 millimeters in diameter and some bikes might not have enough saddle clearance to mount the basket. Also, the Elba mounts put the basket higher and farther back, affecting the balance of your bike, which might be difficult to get used to.

Basil also makes an optional steel Space Frame for people who want more security while riding around with their pet. The frame ($37.38 for a small, $38.33 for a medium and $43. 59 for a large) mounts to the basket with three leather straps; two ties on one side act as hinges and the third tie opposite acts as a lock. The frame is a roomy addition to the basket, allowing the dog to sit and move around safely. I would, however, like the Space Frame to feel more like a lid and not just some wire we tied to the basket. Real hinges and latch would also make it easier to remove.
When making the Pasja, Basil knew what pets and pet owners want out of a basket. Excellent mounting features, like a “floating” seat post mount, included pet cushions and the appearance of an every-day basket; I see little room for improvement and can easily recommend it.