Accessories For Bicycles bike nerd As a child, I fell in love with bicycles, and everything that went along with them.  As objects, the whole form and function aspect has always appealed to me.  Through the years, as bike culture has evolved to include more specialized designs, each more suited for the style of riding one wanted to do, I have been an enthusiastic fan.  Never content to have my bike ride and look like it did “off the shelf”, I’ve always enjoyed researching and finding the perfect addition to make my ride my own.  I don’t know if I am a bike nerd.  Or a research nerd.  Probably both!!  🙂  But with the advent of the internet and the access it provides to so many more product choices and the means to research those products, a chronic bicycle “accessorizer” like myself couldn’t be more happy.


B. K. Ikard



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