Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike – The Axiom Pet Basket

Axiom Dog Bike Basket

More people than ever are incorporating bikes into their daily lifestyle.  This is a fantastic sign towards a healthier and cleaner future!  Though, when it comes to cycling with a pet, such as a small dog or cat, there aren’t a lot baskets on the market specifically designed for pet’s safety.  The purpose of a specifically designed basket for pets is simply to ensure their safety.  These baskets usually offer a special retaining system to keep the pet safe and secure in the basket in addition to other features such as a padded basket floor, handle for carrying off the bike, and different locations for mounting.  As I doubt I would survive the attempt of getting my cat into this basket and safely navigating a bike ride with her aboard, this review will pertain to riding with my dog.  I’m sure all would be applicable to a cat, should they be accustomed to going for rides.   I found the Axiom Pet Basket to be a a solid choice – particularly as a rear mounted dog basket for a bike.  Below you will see my thoughts, both positive and negative.  After reading, you should be able to decide if this basket is the right choice for you and your dog.

Features at a Glance

Axiom produces many cycling accessories ranging from baskets to cycling gloves.  The company caters to cyclists looking to outfit their bicycle with utility purposed accessories that keeps fashion as a priority.

  • Lifetime Guarantee – Axiom products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If a product is determined to be defective by the original Axiom dealer who sold the product, it will be replaced at no charge with original proof of purchase.
  • Multiple Mounting Options – Can be mounted on either the handlebars or in the rear of the bike on a rack
    • Front Mount:   Maximum Capacity: 12 lbs (including basket weight)
    • Rear Mount: Maximum Capacity: 50 lbs (maximum pet weight)
  • Multiple Safety Features – Added features to ensure your dog has a safe ride include:
    • Handlebar safety straps provided to add extra level of security
    • An included interlocking spring loaded “Jump Stop” top cage option

Many Features to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety and Comfort

Axiom’s pet basket is one of the most popular dog baskets on the market.  After reading lots of reviews, I felt that this basket was an excellent choice – as both a dog basket, and as a general around town basket.    After a month of use, I have found the basket to be solidly built, Axiom says it’s made of “reinforced coated steel”, and one that will be durable in the long run.    The basket is designed to easily mount onto either the handlebars, or a pannier rack.  The hardware for mounting on the handlebars or on a rear rack is included with the basket.   To ensure pets safety there is a tether leash to prevent jumping which is adjustable between 8 to 14 inches.  If that isn’t enough to keep him/her safe, Axiom has included an optional “Jump Stop” which is a spring loaded, interlocking top cage that fits around your dogs shoulders, with room for his head to fit through, that keeps him from jumping out of the basket.  And finally, a nice touch was the included  “Anti-Microbial” padded floor that kept my dog from having to sit on the bare metal while we rode.

Versatility With Multiple Mounting Options – Simple Installation

Axiom Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike

Mounting the basket in the front allows you to keep an eye on your dog

Mounting Axiom’s Pet Basket to your handlebars is simple, and doesn’t matter what diameter of handlebar that’s on the bike.  The basket is included with a quick-release bracket compatible with any handlebar diameter from 25.4-31.8 mm.  By mounting the pet basket onto the handlebars the rider will feel at ease being able to keep an eye on their furry little friend.  The only qualification for using the handlebar bracket mount is that the pet must be under 12-pounds to comply with Axiom’s maximum capacity safety standards.

Axiom Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike

Placing the basket in the rear offers the most strength and stability

The second option is mounting Axiom’s pet basket onto a pannier rack, it uses a spring-loaded hardware system to attach to the rack.  This is a great route to go, and is intended for use when carrying medium-sized pets (12-50 pounds).  Axiom claims that the spring-loaded hardware has a maximum carrying weight in the basket of no more than 50 pounds.  If your dog is on the heavier side, than make sure that the pannier rack is rated for the weight of your dog.

Potential Issues If You Don’t Pay Attention to Both Your Dog’s Weight and Size

Axiom’s pet basket is a great solution for some, I found it worked well for me, but I still saw some potential flaws.  My overweight, 25-pound Lhasa fit comfortably in the basket, though without the “jump stop spring-loaded cage” due to it not being large enough to fit around him.  I ended up putting  him on the handlebars (despite the weight recommendation) so I could keep a close eye on him.  I had no issues and felt very confident, even when it was against “Axiom’s maximum capacity standards”. In the end, all 25-pounds of my dog was being supported by the quick-release handlebar bracket without a problem.  Though my dog is very small for his weight (some may say he is dense) I didn’t have any issues with him securely fitting into the basket.  There wasn’t a lot of extra room though, and I can see how it could easily be an issue if you bought the basket on the weight standards.  What I am saying is yes, a 45-pound dog could safely be in the basket when rear mounted to a pannier rack, but 45-pound dogs tend to be a little large for the basket’s size.  So if the basket is bought on the Internet or not in person, then make sure you look at the dimensions of the basket, and your dog to ensure the dog will fit safely and comfortably into the basket.

A Solid Solution For Taking Your Dog On Rides With You

Other than the basket size being smaller then what I thought and the spring-loaded cage “jump-stop” being too small  for my dog, I’ve found this basket to be  a great, durable, and reliable dog basket!  It has my recommendation, just make sure that you’re educated and aware about the size/weight thing when buying to avoid any disappointment.  This is one of the best options for anyone wanting a dog bike  basket with killer-fashion, top of the line safety, and all the while being loaded with tons of different features and options.  It is currently available at Amazon for $75.95, which I thought was a fair price for all the versatility it offers.  And if the above does not tell you this is the basket for you and your dog, look closely at a close-up of the basket:

Axiom Bicycle Basket For A Dog

See the DOG BONE?? :-)

4 thoughts on “Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike – The Axiom Pet Basket

  1. Kay

    I just read through a bunch of your dog basket reviews. They’re all great and helpful, but now I’m stuck trying to decide which one is the best choice. Do you have a favorite? I have a small chihuahua around 5 pounds light. Also, do you find that you have a personal preference between front and rear baskets? Worried that steering may not be so great with a front one. Thanks! 🙂

    1. B. K. Ikard Post author

      Hey there! With a 5 pound chihuahua, any of the baskets would work. For a dog that small, I like the front mounted baskets. Just make sure to have a harness on your dog, and attach it to the tether that is included with the baskets. Take it slow…maybe just walk your bike around with your dog in the basket until he/she get a feel for it.

        1. B. K. Ikard Post author

          No problem! 🙂 Issues arise when people try to exceed the weight recommendations for the baskets. If she only weights 5 lbs, any of the baskets will work. Lucky you! You just need to decide which one has the features you like, or looks the best.

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