Bicycles at Walmart

Walmart sells the most bicycles compared to any other retail store in America.  This is due to the extremely cheap price the bicycles can be purchased at.  Walmart bicycles fall in what is often thought of as the lowest classification of quality.  The bikes that they stock are mass-produced and imported from foreign countries.  Some of the brands include Huffy, Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT.  All of these named, and others started as smaller scale production brands that where sold to specific bicycle dealers.  They have since lost so called “bicycle-shop quality” and now are selling at a much less price in department stores.  If looking for bicycles at Walmart, this is what you will find.

If you think about it from a business standpoint these brands that were mentioned actually have a valid reason for going to mass-production sales.  The average person in America still thinks of Schwinn as one of the greatest quality bicycles you could buy.  This was absolutely true at one point in time, and now a Schwinn bicycle is practically worthless when looking at resale values.  This is because Schwinn decided to import all of their bikes from overseas, use of low quality materials and parts, and simply cut corners to make more money.  You cannot even compare today’s Schwinn to the Chicago built bike back in the day.

A Need For Mass Produced Bikes

Though many once great brands with excellent reputations have turned to mass-production, there is still a need for their existence.  Yes, the bikes do receive the awful “department-store quality” reputation, but there is a need for the lower quality of bicycles.  Not everyone can afford a more expensive “brand-name” bicycle, so that is why he or she would shop at Walmart for the department-store version of what they are looking for.

I personally owned my first three bicycles that where purchased from the department store.  I also imagine if you ask anyone what their first bike was the majority would say something under the department-store quality level.  I doubt you will hear that they never rode a bike before and walked into a bicycle dealer and dropped a few-hundred dollars on a bike.  It just simply doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; well that is to me at least!

At the end of the day, whether you purchase your bicycle for less from Walmart or pay more form a bicycle retailer, it’s all about the ride.  And the great thing about both bikes is you can ride them.  Walmart is the excellent stepping-stone for someone either learning to ride a bike or someone looking for a healthy way of transportation.  Walmart offers the ability for new customers to try out cycling, whether interested in BMX, mountain biking, track, road cycling, or just a great way to have some fun!

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