The Bike Bell

Bike Bell

Bike bells are a fantastic way to personalize your bike

My new favorite way to accessorize my bikes is the bike bell.  I used to not spend time on what I deemed silly or frivolous.  I was of the “PASSING ON YOUR LEFT!” school of letting people know I was there. Sometimes I would even delight in the little panic dances they did trying to figure out which way to go to get out of my way.  But, with age has come a softening of the rough edges and definitely a little more playfulness.  Now all my bikes have a bike bell, each selected with loving precision.  Cause that’s the way I roll.  🙂

Are you as new to the bicycle bell as I am?  Since I’m an internet research nerd as much as I am a bike nerd, I had to learn all that I could about my new bike bling.   I learned that the bike bell has been around since 1877,  when the first patents appeared.  I also learned that bicycle bells are required equipment in some places (the state of New York and Washington DC to name a few).  Even the states that don’t require bike bells spend significant time encouraging safe riding practices which include signaling other riders and pedestrians of your intentions.  The bike bell accomplishes this – in style!

I think my new found fascination for the bike bell lies in what first attracted me to bicycles in general:  they are fun, they are beautiful, and they are functional!  Any piece of engineering or technology that fit those criteria tend to grab and hold my attention.  Once I started looking around on the web, at my local bike shops, and noticing other cyclists riding around, I discovered that there is quite the subculture of bike bell aficionados out there!  I am happy to count myself among their ranks.

In the world of bicycle bells, there is a bell to suit any fancy.  There are brass bells for the more conservative  traditionalists. A pink hello kitty bicycle bell for the young at heart cyclists.    And even the “mirrycle incredibell jellibell bicycle bell” (I got that one for the name alone!!).    I always thought that the 6 bikes I own was a bit on the excessive side.  Now, I’m only sorry that I don’t have more bikes so that I can have more bicycle bells!   Maybe I could put more than one bell on a bike?    Or maybe I’ll just have to change them as the spirit moves me.  Either way, there should be a support group for bike bell addiction.  🙂


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