Biking, Barking and Bonding: The Benefits of Cycling With Your Small Dog

 Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Spring has arrived and what a perfect time to go for a bike ride.  Wind in your hair, sun overhead, flowers in bloom and your dog in tow.   Yes, riding your bike is a blast as it is, but being able to bring your pooch along for the ride is the ultimate way to cycle.  With the right accessories you can even do it comfortably and in style.While you and your furry friend are en route to a destination you can both enjoy, such as a nearby park, your pet gets to sit back, relax and smell the smells. Once you arrive at the destination your dog can get it’s play and exercise time in while you sit back and relax.  Cycling with your small dog, it’s a win-win situation!

There are lots of additional reasons to bring your dog along for the ride.  For example, if you are someone who relies on your bike for transportation you may need to chauffeur your dog to the veterinary clinic or pet supply store on occasion.  If you are someone who uses your bike more frequently you may want to consider investing in bike accessories for your dog.  Humans have the essentials they need for bike riding such as helmets, reflectors and bike lights for riding at night, why not add accessories for your dog to that list?  Depending on the size and weight of your dog, you may want to use a dog bike basket.

Snoozer is a popular brand for dogs 15 pounds and under.  They have a great line of sporty, yet comfortable baskets for your small dog with enough room for additional, essential items like water bottles or a good book.  In fact, they have the #1 Bestseller in the Dog Bicycle Carrier category on Amazon, the Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket, which packs lots of features into a stylish basket that both you and your dog will find useful on rides.   If you have a larger dog, there are other options to consider like rear mounted baskets, trailers or leashes, but those can be bulky, more expensive and in the case of a leash, even a bit dangerous.   Snoozer’s bike baskets simply latch on to the front of your handlebars so you know it’s secure and your dog is in clear view for your peace of mind.

Increasingly, people are bringing their dogs with them everywhere, both large and small.  More bars, stores and restaurants are becoming pet-friendly.   I highly recommend biking with your small dog, of course, safely and with the proper accessories.  If your dog has never been along for the ride, take it slow at first.  Your little companion is sure to enjoy joining you for a cruise once you get going.

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