Bling Your Bike Ideas – Colored Bicycle Chains

Colored Bike Chain

When I was growing up, there was virtually no way to customize our bicycles.  Mom and Dad would open the Sears and Roebuck catalog, find the bike that I could “grow into” and go get it….just like every other mom and dad on our block.  That was it.  Maybe I’d get a cool looking lock to wrap around the seat post when it wasn’t in use, I added a few stickers to one of my bikes, but that was about it.  There just wasn’t much out there that could be bought to personalize our bikes.  Today, things are much different!  There are so many options available that allow you to express yourself through your bike.   One of the most eye catching bling your bike ideas is a colored bike chain.  They are an unexpectedly eye catching, affordable, and easy to install option to making your ride your own.

Traditionally, bicycles have been very difficult to customize or add flair to. There is very little body to work with and only slight modifications can be applied to the bicycles to add that all important personal touch. There is however a solution available, for those adventurous souls who are unable to stand the mundane, in the form of colored bicycle chains. Colored bicycle chains work just like the normal bicycle chains and are both sturdy and resilient.  They are a great way to add personality to a bike.

Colored bike chains are fun and interesting ways of adding personality to a bike.  They come in a large variety of colors to suit any and all personalities. KMC is a chain manufacturer that makes
Blue, Gold, Green, and Pink
chains. Duo Bicycle Parts offers chains in Magenta, Purple, Red, White and Blue.  There are also chain manufacturers that offer the options to customize the color of the bike chain, which give you a virtually unlimited range of colors to choose from. Colored bicycle chains are also fun to experiment with various colors on your bike, especially when they are used to compliment colored bicycle tires, framework or rims. The colored bicycle chains look spectacular when the color on the wheel, either on the rim or on the tire, and the color on the chain are on the opposite end of the color spectrum. For example, black tires with a yellow bicycle chain or a blue bicycle chain on an orange framework, would be particularly eye-catching.

Colored bicycle chains can be found for almost all bikes, but derailleur systems, because they are friction bases, are not particularly suitable.   The colored coating will quickly wear off.  Colored chains are most suited to single speeds, fixies, internal hub bikes, and BMX bikes.    There are no special tools, or wrench sets needed to install or set up colored bike chains. The process is the same as installing an ordinary chain and any person with prior experience working with bicycles, and a chain tool can do it.

Gone are the days that everyone on the block is riding the same bike!  Whatever bike you ride, there are endless possibilities to bling your ride.  Colored bike chains are one of the latest additions to the options at your disposal.  The cool thing is, it’s a small investment, it’s easy to install yourself, AND easy to change later down the road when you want a new look.   Check em out!

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