Bling Your Bike Ideas – Spoke Lights For Bicycles

Bling Your Bike Ideas

Spoke lights are easy to attach and produce mesmerizing results!

Here at Accessories For Bicycles we are all about finding those special things that make riding your bike more enjoyable – for whatever reason. Making your bike more comfortable, more efficient, prettier or flashier to look at, easier to take with you – whatever it is that makes you look forward to your next ride, and getting out to ride, that’s what we’re all about.  Riding bikes is big fun, it’s great for your physical and mental health, and riding doesn’t pollute the atmosphere, like other modes of transportation.  Bicycles deliver on so many levels!  When it comes to accessorizing with things that will make your bike turn heads, there’s a whole world of fun, eye catching things to chose from.  Since Burning Man is quickly approaching, and blinging out your ride is part of the fun of going to the festival, today we are going to explore one of our favorite bling your bike ideas – spoke lights for bicycles.

Spoke Lights For Bicycles

As a kid, I loved riding at night.  I waited for dinner to be over and the sun to go down so that I could go rolling through the neighborhoods at night.   It was my first taste of freedom and independence, and I craved it.  Looking back, I shutter at the thought of slipping through the night on a bike with only a few reflectors and no lights at all.  As an adult, I’ve over compensated by being rather obsessed with being visible on a bike at all times – day or night.  With that focus, but still getting crazy pleasure from night time bike rides, I discovered spoke lights for bicycles.  These LED lights attach to the spokes of your wheels, come in a variety of colors, can flash or glow continuously and are guaranteed to turn heads, and draw attention to yourself when out on night rides.  These lights are a big favorite here at Accessories For Bicycles.  They are inexpensive, easy to install, and deliver so much joy for the buck.  Whenever I’m rolling with these lights, I’m grinning from ear to ear just like a kid.  Remember the feeling you had as a kid when you attached playing cards to your bike frame so they’d make a cool sound when you rode around the neighborhood with your friends?  That’s exactly what these lights make you feel like as an adult!!  Bling for you bike = bling for your spirit.   How cool is that??

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