Walmart Bicycle Parts and Accessories – Zefal Bicycle Pumps

Zefal’s leading cycling accessory products can be found at a local Walmart.  They have been in the business manufacturing cycling accessories since the 1880’s.   This makes them the oldest manufacture of cycling accessories in the country.   Walmart carries their great cycling pumps in their stores.  At Walmart Zefal’s “unique experience and savior-faire” motto is applied to their products.

The first product that Zefal sells at Walmart is the Genesis Raptor Floor Pump with a gauge.  It has a long hose matched with a heavy-duty steel barrel, which makes it an excellent floor pump to be used either in shop or home.  What sets the Genesis Raptor apart from the rest is its Mid-mounted pressure gauge that allows the user to easily view the air pressure.

Next, Zefal makes a Bigfoot Foot Pump, which is a great option for anyone wanting a professional pump that will last.  It is a great addition for uses in a shop, or even for the home mechanic looking to expand to a shop quality pump.  What is so great about the pump is the large barrel diameter that pushes a lot of volume into your inner tube.  It does have a psi pressure gauge that tops out at 100-psi.  Because of this it is better applicable towards filling lower-pressured tires, such a mountain bike specific pump.   Another great feature is the extra long house, which makes it perfect for using in a professional shop!

I recommend the Zefal Bigfoot Foot Pump if you are pumping inner tubes to a pressure no more then 75-psi.  After 75-psi it requires a lot of force to add pressure due to the large volume, so I wouldn’t recommend it for pumping up road bikes to high pressure.  What my favorite part is though, which I’m sure you will learn to love, is the fact that it is a big volume pump.  I am sure you will be amazed by how little effort and how quickly you can pump up your bicycle tires.

Finally, the Zefal Zen-X Pumpmaster is the last great product that can be found at Walmart.  This is mini pump that is great option if for the customer looking for something a little more reliable then CO2 cartridges.  It is an excellent “trailside companion” and even will work great for road bike applications.  It has a larger 12-inch design so it will be able to pump a bicycle tire up to 120-psi much quicker then other pumps intended for road-side/trail-side repair.  It is included with a durable frame-mounted pump holder bracket that is found to be very convenient.

All three of Zefal’s pumps stated above are great and I guarantee they will keep your bike rolling when in need.  There is a reason Zefal is the oldest cycling accessory brand on the market.  Also all of Zefal’s cycling pumps above are applicable to either a Schrader or Presta valve stem.  Yes, the excellent cycling company does make many other products expanding on the realm of pumps and a majority of their product lines can be found out any local Walmart retail-unit.

Walmart Online Marketplace – Bicycle Clothing

Walmart is the largest department store in the world, selling everything from fresh produce to home-improvement supplies.  Cycling products also fit in between somewhere.  Though Walmart Supercenters do carry a large selection of cycling products, it is nothing compared to what can be purchased on the Internet.  By searching the term “cycling” on Walmart Online Marketplace, you can find thousands of different bicycle clothing products to purchase.

Cycling products that are found on the Internet and not found on the shelves of the local store is astonishing.  Yes the department-store chain is huge, but lets be realistic there is only so much they can stock.  In the cycling department often the apparel for the sport is overlooked.  This is largely due to the fact that there are so many different options, sizes and preferences that the store has to account for.

As a consumer you should be educated, and if you’re looking to purchase cycling apparel then keep reading.  Yes, you could easily hope over to your local bike shop and purchase a new set of shorts or that jersey you’ve always wanted.  Or you the option would be to hop on the Internet and browse Walmarts endless selection.  I’m confident in saying you will be able to find every high-dollar product you found at your bike shop, but you’ll also find some amazing deals to keep you in-style and riding right.  Basically it is the perfect place to shop, and if you find it cheaper send an email to the store, after-all they do have a great price match guarantee.

Some of the brands that can be found on Walmarts e-commerce website include Hincapie, Primal Wear, Orgin 8, CEP, and many others.  They stock a wide variety to please almost any customer and money could be betted on the fact that the price is fair.  Yes they do have the high end and expensive Hincapie apparel, but they also have the budget friendly Orgin-8 products.  Now if that’s not enough I guarantee that someone could find their dream kit from Primal Wear.  They seem to have endless options and choices!

When I say cycling apparel I’m also including cycling shoes.  I was surprised to see that Walmart carried cycling shoes but indeed they do!  Some of the brands include Scott, Northwave, Diadora Suola, and Nalini Dolphin.  The last two I mentioned I’ve personally never came across the brand before, but they seem like a great budget friendly option.  If your budget is a little larger than Northwave and Scott both make some of the nicest cycling shoes on the market.

Yes, buying cloths online may seem a little risky due to the fact you can’t try them on.  Walmart solves this issue by simply being able to return the products if you are not satisfied.  It is truly the best option for any shopper looking to find the best deal and look great out on their bicycle!

Walmart Bicycle Parts and Accessories – Kryptonite Bicycle Locks USA, LLC

Kryptonite Locks is a company that specializes in “keeping what is yours, yours”.  They have been in the business of protecting your bike since the 1970’s.  With their outstanding reputation in the bicycle security world, and the competitive pricing Walmart parts and accessories provides the customer, Walmart is an excellent choice when looking to purchase a Kryptonite bike lock.

Kryptonite – Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Kryptonite first got a name for themselves with the unique U-shaped locking device specifically designed for bicycles.  Their cult-like following has grown through some of the greatest marketing campaigns the cycling industry has seen.  For example, they would leave bicycles locked for days in New York City – bike theft capital of the United States – while locked up with their great products, and it indeed they worked.  Their U-Locks have a $750 guarantee if your bike is stolen.

The easiest way for you to get your hands on one of their great products is simply by visiting the largest department store in the world, Walmart.  Kryptonite Cycling Locks are in stock at the majority of Walmarts nationwide.  Whether you are looking for their original U-Lock, combination cable lock, or the basic key lock they have what you’re looking for.

Kryptonite Bicycle Locks At Walmart

Now let’s break down the Kryptonite Locks most Walmart stores have to offer so you can make the best decision.

Kryptonite U Lock at Walmart

First, The Kryptonite U-Lock  is a 15-mm steel “shackle” that includes a handy carrying bracket. to mount on your bike.   This lock provides the best security of the available choices, though it’s quite large.  Yes, it is a little bulky, but it has its worth.  When a customer purchases a U-Lock by Kryptonite Locks, they also receive an antitheft guarantee for up to $750.  This is one of the greatest warranties on the market!

Combo Lock

The next option is their Kryptonite RC510 Reset Combo Cable Lockicon.  This is a handy lock for bicycles as it can easily be stowed away in a pocket or in a saddlebag on a bicycle.  It also includes what Kryptonite calls a “transport carrier”, this is a mount that can easily be mounted to a bicycle’ss seatpost.  The product itself is a 10-mm thick and 5-ft long braided-steel cable that is wrapped in an Anti-scratch vinyl covering so that it won’t scratch the finish on your bike.

Keyed Lock

Finally, the Kryptonite K510 Cable Lock, similar to the RC510, is another great option that can be found at Walmart.  The difference between the two is the locking system.  The RC510 is a combo-lock system while the Kryptonite K510 is a 5-pin cylinder key-lock system.  It has a 8-mm thick, 4 ft-long, steel braded cable with an Anti-scratch Vinyl covering.

Walmart Bicycle Parts and Accessories Offer Kryptonite Quality at Affordable Prices

Whatever Kryptonite Lock you decide to purchase can be found for sale from many different vendors, but Walmart will have the best prices.  This is due to Walmart’s excellent price-match guarantee.  Additionally, should you not be happy with your purchase, Walmart has an excellent return policy.  Personally my favorite lock that Kryptonite offers is the original U-Lock.  This is because of the $750 dollar anti-theft guarantee.  I would put my money on the lock that has the insurance to back it up.

Bicycles at Walmart

Walmart sells the most bicycles compared to any other retail store in America.  This is due to the extremely cheap price the bicycles can be purchased at.  Walmart bicycles fall in what is often thought of as the lowest classification of quality.  The bikes that they stock are mass-produced and imported from foreign countries.  Some of the brands include Huffy, Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT.  All of these named, and others started as smaller scale production brands that where sold to specific bicycle dealers.  They have since lost so called “bicycle-shop quality” and now are selling at a much less price in department stores.  If looking for bicycles at Walmart, this is what you will find.

If you think about it from a business standpoint these brands that were mentioned actually have a valid reason for going to mass-production sales.  The average person in America still thinks of Schwinn as one of the greatest quality bicycles you could buy.  This was absolutely true at one point in time, and now a Schwinn bicycle is practically worthless when looking at resale values.  This is because Schwinn decided to import all of their bikes from overseas, use of low quality materials and parts, and simply cut corners to make more money.  You cannot even compare today’s Schwinn to the Chicago built bike back in the day.

A Need For Mass Produced Bikes

Though many once great brands with excellent reputations have turned to mass-production, there is still a need for their existence.  Yes, the bikes do receive the awful “department-store quality” reputation, but there is a need for the lower quality of bicycles.  Not everyone can afford a more expensive “brand-name” bicycle, so that is why he or she would shop at Walmart for the department-store version of what they are looking for.

I personally owned my first three bicycles that where purchased from the department store.  I also imagine if you ask anyone what their first bike was the majority would say something under the department-store quality level.  I doubt you will hear that they never rode a bike before and walked into a bicycle dealer and dropped a few-hundred dollars on a bike.  It just simply doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; well that is to me at least!

At the end of the day, whether you purchase your bicycle for less from Walmart or pay more form a bicycle retailer, it’s all about the ride.  And the great thing about both bikes is you can ride them.  Walmart is the excellent stepping-stone for someone either learning to ride a bike or someone looking for a healthy way of transportation.  Walmart offers the ability for new customers to try out cycling, whether interested in BMX, mountain biking, track, road cycling, or just a great way to have some fun!

Walmart Online Marketplace – White Lightning Bike Lube


White Lightning is the company responsible for keeping bicycle chains clean and smooth all around the world.  Their products are hands-down some of the finest in the industry, even though they’re sold in the largest department store in the world.  But don’t make the assumption that Walmart is their only retailer.  They easily achieve the sought after “bike-shop quality”.  It would be a challenge for someone to walk into a major bicycle retailer, and not find a White Lightning product on the shelves.  Sadly though, they may only be stocking one or two of their great products at the smaller retailer bike-shop.  So that’s when a trip to Walmart is required, or simply a quick hop on to Walmart’s e-commerce website.  Walmart Online Marketplace has much of White Lightning’s product line, including three different kinds of White Lightning bike lube.

White Lightning’s Product Line

The products consist of Easy Clean, a degreaser for the chain. It works great combined with the use of their Chain Cleaner Kit.  After the chain is cleaned they have three-different chain lubes to apply depending on the riding conditions and preference.  And now, when it comes time to applying the finishing touches they make a great Wash and Shine.  It will do the job and have your bike squeaky clean, no-matter if it’s for the picky-professional rider, or just the average enthusiast.

Three Types of White Lightning Bike Lube

Now here is a breakdown of the three-different chain lubricants.  The three products consist of a wax lube, a light silicone based lube, and a heavy synthetic lube.  Each lube is great, and each has their different intended applications based on riding conditions.  The wax based lube, called Easy Ride, is intended  for dry, sandy, and dusty conditions.  It lasts the least longest of the three, with a claim of 50-75 miles.  The next lube, named Epic Ride icon is marketed as the company’s all-condition chain lubricant.  It is best applied when the rider is going to encounter “variable conditions”.  Also, this lubricant is the most useful on the bike, not only just the chain.  It is advertised to be a great lube to be applied for smoother shifting, or if your pedals have a slight squeak.  Now finally White Lightning finishes of their bike lubricant line with their heavy-bodied synthetic lube, Wet Rideicon.  This is the lubricant that will best prevent rust, last the longest, and provide a super-smooth drivetrain.  But don’t forget the fact that it is intended for extreme conditions such as snow, mud, wet, salty, or long distance rides.  With that being said, it’s not the best lube to be used in dry, especially sandy conditions, due to the fact that it will attract grime and dirt.

Select the Product That Fits Your Riding Lifestyle

Now the choice is up to you on which lube that will suit your riding best.  It’s all about experience using wax verse heavy-bodied lubricants to find the one that works.  For example, no one is saying you can’t use White Lightning’s Wet Ride lubricant in dust-haven Southern California if you fall in love with its smooth shifts.  The only factor will be that cleaning your drivetrain may become a ritual after every ride.  But that’s the time when you go to your local Walmart and pick up White Lightning’s Bicycle Chain Cleaner Kit and a nice 6-oz bottle of Easy Clean.

Recall – SRAM RED WiFLi Rear Derailleur

SRAM Recalls RED WiFLi 10-Speed Rear Derailleur

Heads up!  The SRAM RED WiFLi Rear Derailleur has been recalled due to a tendency for the rear pivot pin to loosen or become dislodged, possibly causing the rear derailleur to hang up or get caught up with the wheel.  Owners of this derailleur should stop using this product immediately.  Further, it is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.  So – no unloading it on Ebay!

To determine if you own one of the derailleur affected by this recall,  look at the image below showing where your serial number is located.  If your number falls between  31T2000000 – 11T39999999,  return it to a dealer to obtain a free replacement.

Serial Number

Consumer Contact:  SRAM at (800) 346-2928 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday CT or online at and click on “Recall Information” for more information.

 Recall Details:  Units: 1,700.    The SRAM RED WiFLi Rear Derailleur is a device that moves a bicycle chain gears on the rear wheel. The name SRAM RED and the serial number of the derailleur are located on the back of the inner pulley wheel cage plate and visible when looking thru the spokes of the bicycle wheel.  Serial numbers of affected products begin with one of the following four-digit codes:

31T2                37T2                43T2                49T2                03T3                09T3

32T2                38T2                44T2                50T2                04T3                10T3

33T2                39T2                45T2                51T2                05T3                11T3

34T2                40T2                46T2                52T2                06T3

35T2                41T2                47T2                01T3                07T3

36T2                42T2                48T2                02T3                08T3


Manufacturing Dates: September 2012 through March 2013

Sold at: Specialty bicycle retailers nationwide from September 2012 to November 2013 for approximately $380 as an aftermarket installation.  They were also sold as original equipment on new high-end bicycles.

Injuries and Incidents: SRAM has received reports of 43 incidents in the U.S. with one report of scrapes and bruises.

Remedy:  Consumers should stop using bikes with the recalled SRAM RED WiFLi Rear Derailleur and return the bicycles to the place of purchase or any SRAM dealer for a free replacement, including installation. Consumers who bought the derailleurs as a stand-alone product can take them to the place of purchase for a free replacement or, for those who can make the equipment change themselves, contact SRAM for instructions on how to return the recalled product for the free replacement.

Walmart Bicycle Parts And Accessories

Walmart found it’s beginning as a department store in 1962.  From it’s founding in Arkansas it has grown to contain 11,000 retail units worldwide.  Though the company has expanded worldwide the United States still remains its hearth.  Almost half of the companies retail units are in the U.S. while employing more then 1.3 million people.  There’re smaller versions of the “Supercenters” that most of us are aware of, such as the “Walmart Express” or the “Neighborhood Market”.  But the majority of the retail units are 24-hours, 7-days a week “Supercenters”.  Then beyond the realm of in-store shopping, Walmart’s e-commerce website has brought their “Save money. Live better.” slogan to 10 different countries worldwide. Now almost any product one can imagine is easily purchasable via web and delivered right to the customer’s door.  Also, an in-store pickup can be arranged with the company’s local retailer, which saves the customer shipping on the order.

Whether you’re a recreational weekend-warrior or an elite competitive cyclist, the thought of Walmart as a viable supplier of bicycle related products is usually lacking.  This is simply untrue; Walmart is just as crucial to cycling as a high-end retailer contributes to the industry.  When you look at the highest level of professional cyclists or even the local enthusiast, they all had to start somewhere.  Walmart is simply that starting point, and it does a great job supplying that role to the world.

Personally, as an employee at a Trek bicycle dealer, the majority of our customers look down upon Walmart.  This is foolish; the majority of them and including me bought their first bicycle from the store.  As a professional mechanic I recognize the purpose of Walmart, and I also realize that they still can be a great resource even if you’ve grown.  For example, an essential product – chain lube – can be purchased for much less at the department store instead of a local bicycle retailer.  When shopping smart Walmart can prove to be a great resource for bicycle related products, no matter the consumer.  I often find myself having a ritual of scanning the bike section in my local Supercenter whenever I’m inside.  It’s always a surprise at what I see, and often it’s something of use.

Finally, when it comes to the whole name-brand verse department store quality argument, Walmart is often assorted in the department store section.  This is completely accurate because Walmart is a department store.  But the argument doesn’t make a lot of sense.  For an example that applies to the majority of people; would you purchase a new Mercedes for a driver who just got their license?  In most cases, probably not!  Instead you would purchase the new driver a car to grow into, one that could handle a dent here and there without causing an issue.  It goes the same  for bikes.  Would you purchase a Trek 7 series Madone for someone who has never ridden a bike?  Some will, but logically it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Instead, the department store avenue should be investigated, and that is where Walmart comes greatly in hand.

Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike – The Axiom Pet Basket

Axiom Dog Bike Basket

More people than ever are incorporating bikes into their daily lifestyle.  This is a fantastic sign towards a healthier and cleaner future!  Though, when it comes to cycling with a pet, such as a small dog or cat, there aren’t a lot baskets on the market specifically designed for pet’s safety.  The purpose of a specifically designed basket for pets is simply to ensure their safety.  These baskets usually offer a special retaining system to keep the pet safe and secure in the basket in addition to other features such as a padded basket floor, handle for carrying off the bike, and different locations for mounting.  As I doubt I would survive the attempt of getting my cat into this basket and safely navigating a bike ride with her aboard, this review will pertain to riding with my dog.  I’m sure all would be applicable to a cat, should they be accustomed to going for rides.   I found the Axiom Pet Basket to be a a solid choice – particularly as a rear mounted dog basket for a bike.  Below you will see my thoughts, both positive and negative.  After reading, you should be able to decide if this basket is the right choice for you and your dog.

Features at a Glance

Axiom produces many cycling accessories ranging from baskets to cycling gloves.  The company caters to cyclists looking to outfit their bicycle with utility purposed accessories that keeps fashion as a priority.

  • Lifetime Guarantee – Axiom products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If a product is determined to be defective by the original Axiom dealer who sold the product, it will be replaced at no charge with original proof of purchase.
  • Multiple Mounting Options – Can be mounted on either the handlebars or in the rear of the bike on a rack
    • Front Mount:   Maximum Capacity: 12 lbs (including basket weight)
    • Rear Mount: Maximum Capacity: 50 lbs (maximum pet weight)
  • Multiple Safety Features – Added features to ensure your dog has a safe ride include:
    • Handlebar safety straps provided to add extra level of security
    • An included interlocking spring loaded “Jump Stop” top cage option

Many Features to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety and Comfort

Axiom’s pet basket is one of the most popular dog baskets on the market.  After reading lots of reviews, I felt that this basket was an excellent choice – as both a dog basket, and as a general around town basket.    After a month of use, I have found the basket to be solidly built, Axiom says it’s made of “reinforced coated steel”, and one that will be durable in the long run.    The basket is designed to easily mount onto either the handlebars, or a pannier rack.  The hardware for mounting on the handlebars or on a rear rack is included with the basket.   To ensure pets safety there is a tether leash to prevent jumping which is adjustable between 8 to 14 inches.  If that isn’t enough to keep him/her safe, Axiom has included an optional “Jump Stop” which is a spring loaded, interlocking top cage that fits around your dogs shoulders, with room for his head to fit through, that keeps him from jumping out of the basket.  And finally, a nice touch was the included  “Anti-Microbial” padded floor that kept my dog from having to sit on the bare metal while we rode.

Versatility With Multiple Mounting Options – Simple Installation

Axiom Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike

Mounting the basket in the front allows you to keep an eye on your dog

Mounting Axiom’s Pet Basket to your handlebars is simple, and doesn’t matter what diameter of handlebar that’s on the bike.  The basket is included with a quick-release bracket compatible with any handlebar diameter from 25.4-31.8 mm.  By mounting the pet basket onto the handlebars the rider will feel at ease being able to keep an eye on their furry little friend.  The only qualification for using the handlebar bracket mount is that the pet must be under 12-pounds to comply with Axiom’s maximum capacity safety standards.

Axiom Rear Mounted Dog Basket For A Bike

Placing the basket in the rear offers the most strength and stability

The second option is mounting Axiom’s pet basket onto a pannier rack, it uses a spring-loaded hardware system to attach to the rack.  This is a great route to go, and is intended for use when carrying medium-sized pets (12-50 pounds).  Axiom claims that the spring-loaded hardware has a maximum carrying weight in the basket of no more than 50 pounds.  If your dog is on the heavier side, than make sure that the pannier rack is rated for the weight of your dog.

Potential Issues If You Don’t Pay Attention to Both Your Dog’s Weight and Size

Axiom’s pet basket is a great solution for some, I found it worked well for me, but I still saw some potential flaws.  My overweight, 25-pound Lhasa fit comfortably in the basket, though without the “jump stop spring-loaded cage” due to it not being large enough to fit around him.  I ended up putting  him on the handlebars (despite the weight recommendation) so I could keep a close eye on him.  I had no issues and felt very confident, even when it was against “Axiom’s maximum capacity standards”. In the end, all 25-pounds of my dog was being supported by the quick-release handlebar bracket without a problem.  Though my dog is very small for his weight (some may say he is dense) I didn’t have any issues with him securely fitting into the basket.  There wasn’t a lot of extra room though, and I can see how it could easily be an issue if you bought the basket on the weight standards.  What I am saying is yes, a 45-pound dog could safely be in the basket when rear mounted to a pannier rack, but 45-pound dogs tend to be a little large for the basket’s size.  So if the basket is bought on the Internet or not in person, then make sure you look at the dimensions of the basket, and your dog to ensure the dog will fit safely and comfortably into the basket.

A Solid Solution For Taking Your Dog On Rides With You

Other than the basket size being smaller then what I thought and the spring-loaded cage “jump-stop” being too small  for my dog, I’ve found this basket to be  a great, durable, and reliable dog basket!  It has my recommendation, just make sure that you’re educated and aware about the size/weight thing when buying to avoid any disappointment.  This is one of the best options for anyone wanting a dog bike  basket with killer-fashion, top of the line safety, and all the while being loaded with tons of different features and options.  It is currently available at Amazon for $75.95, which I thought was a fair price for all the versatility it offers.  And if the above does not tell you this is the basket for you and your dog, look closely at a close-up of the basket:

Axiom Bicycle Basket For A Dog

See the DOG BONE?? :-)

LifeProof Case – iPhone 4S

LifeProof iPhone bike mounts - well designed, solid protection


Handle bar mounts for bicycles are changing the way we ride.  The market has blown up within the past few years, now there are more products, accessories, and applications then ever before.  By mounting a smart phone to a bicycle’s handlebars it allows the rider to safely access their phone with ease.  We can now ride our bikes and have great features such as, applications specifically for cycling, GPS, music, and the ability to safely communicate, this is all within a quick glance down.  The LifeProof Case – iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S

LifeProof iPhone Cases

LifeProof makes one of the most popular iPhone handlebar mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, quads, or anything that has a diameter of 31.8 mm or less.  They offer different cases and mounts that are both compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, 4, and 4s.  The product is very universal when it comes to mounting on the handlebars, so making sure you have the right clamp size for your handlebars is not a concern.  It fits such a large range of bar diameters by using a simple quick-release clamp system.  LifeProof’s handle bar mount is made out of a honeycomb nylon material that is extremely durable and fairly lightweight.  The iPhone 4/4s case is claimed to have a weight of approximately 5 ounces.  Another feature is a cradle system that can rotate a complete 360 degrees, and then it can lock into place when the desired viewing angle is found.  It is also claimed to have compatibility with Bluetooth headsets.

Keep In Mind When Purchasing

This case is my favorite iPhone bar mount I’ve found on the market.  Yes, it is not the cheapest handlebar phone mount out there, but Amazon is selling the 4/4s mount for $39.88.     The only thing I found to be a bit disappointing is that they also make you purchase the Lifeproof Fre iPhone case to fit its handlebar mount.  It isn’t a big deal but just make sure when buying you are aware that an additional LifeProof product is needed to use the handlebar mount correctly.  Just remember that LifeProofs iPhone bike and bar mount is specifically designed for LifeProofs iPhone Fre case.

Easy to Install, Solid Protection

The one part I’ve found to be extremely convenient is how easy it is to install.  Simply use there quick-release clamp system and attach it to your handlebars.  But the one thing to watch out for though is when you are attaching your iPhone to the mount make sure you lock it into place.  It can be quite easily missed, especially if you don’t read the directions.  The consequences of not locking it into place may be the loss of your iPhone.  I said loss and not destruction because of the fact your iPhone is wrapped in LifeProof’s Fre case.  The waterproof case also has an amazing feature called “shock proof” which will protect your phone from some of the craziest “shocks” out there.  So chances are your iPhone will be missing if anything and not destroyed, even in the pouring rain.

Final Thoughts

All in All, LifeProofs Bike & Bar Mount is a great product that fulfills all of the benefits looked for when buying a handlebar mount and even more so.  The only negative I’ve found is the mount on occasion will have a slight vibrating noise.  It is usually solved by a simple tweak in position of the mount on the handlebars.  In the end, if you want a handlebar mount for an iPhone this is the one that’s going to last for a long time, and if it doesn’t LifeProof offers a great 1-year warranty.  I recommend LifeProof’s Bike and Bar Mount as the go-to handlebar mount for iPhones, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Selecting A Bicycle Cell Phone Holder


Mounting your smart phone to your handlebars may have seemed silly five years ago, but that’s five years ago.  Handlebar phone mounts for bikes are changing the way of cycling, and for the better.  By attaching your latest and greatest smart phone to your handlebar, it will safely allow you to access your phone.  From the casual commuter to the highest level of cycling competition, a bicycle cell phone holder will aid in your riding experience.  So if you truly want to be a ‘smart’ cyclist, then make the small investment.

Riding Smart With Your Smartphone

The market for bicycle phone mounts has really taken off in the last few years.  Mounting your phone to your handlebars is not just for easy and safe access anymore.  There are numerous applications you can download to your phone specifically for cycling and training, similar to what cycling computers can do.  From the weight-weenie aspect it only makes sense to mount your phone to the handlebars! Most likely you’re going to be carrying your phone in your pocket anyways, so why wouldn’t you simply attach it to your handlebars and lose the clunky computer?  You will even find that it can be a much cheaper way of upgrading to that fancy GPS computer you have always wanted!

But when it comes to selecting the right mount there is obviously a couple things to keep in mind; for example making sure your clamping diameter of the mount is compatible with your handlebars, and also that you’ve got the correct mount for your phone model.

Perfect Fit For Your Handlebars

When it comes to clamping the phone mount to your handlebars you should be familiar with the different clamp diameters that exist.  The most common size in modern day cycling is 31.8 mm (oversized), but in the early days of mountain biking 25.4 mm was the standard.  If your bike is an older road bike, especially Italian, then you may find that it’s clamp diameter is 26.0 mm. These measurements are taken  at the point of the bar where the stem mounts, and will taper down to 22.2 mm for mountain bike bars or 23.8 mm for road bars.  Don’t stress, this is not as crucial as it seems because most products come with a universal clamping system.  The mount is either supplied with a couple different clamps, or often comes with basic shims to ensure the clamp is compatible with your handlebars.

Make Sure The Mount Will Fit Your Phone

The second characteristic to keep in mind when making the purchase is fairly simple compared to the other, but just as crucial.  When finding the correct phone mount, make sure the mount is compatible for the smart phone you intend to use.  Many companies also make a universal system for this too, but if you can find a mount specifically for your model of phone, then you will be much happier with your purchase.  For example, if you have the new Iphone 5/5s don’t purchase a mount for an Iphone 4/4s. There’s a difference, and just by using common sense your phone will attach with ease.  Finally, the universal mounts still do have a purpose.  If you’re looking for a mount that is not specifically made for your phone model, then that’s when the universal mount is required.

In the end, just make sure you research and check out the specifications of the product, this will ensure compatibility.  Like any purchase made, you don’t spend your money without knowing what you’re buying.  Simply shop smart and you’ll successfully find the right handlebar phone mount that you’ll enjoy for a long time to come!