Bling Your Bike Ideas – Colored Bicycle Chains

Colored Bike Chain

When I was growing up, there was virtually no way to customize our bicycles.  Mom and Dad would open the Sears and Roebuck catalog, find the bike that I could “grow into” and go get it….just like every other mom and dad on our block.  That was it.  Maybe I’d get a cool looking lock to wrap around the seat post when it wasn’t in use, I added a few stickers to one of my bikes, but that was about it.  There just wasn’t much out there that could be bought to personalize our bikes.  Today, things are much different!  There are so many options available that allow you to express yourself through your bike.   One of the most eye catching bling your bike ideas is a colored bike chain.  They are an unexpectedly eye catching, affordable, and easy to install option to making your ride your own.

Traditionally, bicycles have been very difficult to customize or add flair to. There is very little body to work with and only slight modifications can be applied to the bicycles to add that all important personal touch. There is however a solution available, for those adventurous souls who are unable to stand the mundane, in the form of colored bicycle chains. Colored bicycle chains work just like the normal bicycle chains and are both sturdy and resilient.  They are a great way to add personality to a bike.

Colored bike chains are fun and interesting ways of adding personality to a bike.  They come in a large variety of colors to suit any and all personalities. KMC is a chain manufacturer that makes
Blue, Gold, Green, and Pink
chains. Duo Bicycle Parts offers chains in Magenta, Purple, Red, White and Blue.  There are also chain manufacturers that offer the options to customize the color of the bike chain, which give you a virtually unlimited range of colors to choose from. Colored bicycle chains are also fun to experiment with various colors on your bike, especially when they are used to compliment colored bicycle tires, framework or rims. The colored bicycle chains look spectacular when the color on the wheel, either on the rim or on the tire, and the color on the chain are on the opposite end of the color spectrum. For example, black tires with a yellow bicycle chain or a blue bicycle chain on an orange framework, would be particularly eye-catching.

Colored bicycle chains can be found for almost all bikes, but derailleur systems, because they are friction bases, are not particularly suitable.   The colored coating will quickly wear off.  Colored chains are most suited to single speeds, fixies, internal hub bikes, and BMX bikes.    There are no special tools, or wrench sets needed to install or set up colored bike chains. The process is the same as installing an ordinary chain and any person with prior experience working with bicycles, and a chain tool can do it.

Gone are the days that everyone on the block is riding the same bike!  Whatever bike you ride, there are endless possibilities to bling your ride.  Colored bike chains are one of the latest additions to the options at your disposal.  The cool thing is, it’s a small investment, it’s easy to install yourself, AND easy to change later down the road when you want a new look.   Check em out!

Stocking Stuffers For Cyclists

It’s getting to be that holiday time of year again.  I absolutely detest the last minute, fight with the crowds routine that I did for years.  Not only am I Queen B Bike Nerd, but in years past I have been the poster child for procrastination when it comes to holiday shopping.  Thankfully the internet removes all the major excuses for not getting my shopping done: crowds, traffic, weather, after hours.   Being the Queen B Bike Nerd that I am, many of my friends are of the same tribe, so I don’t have to rack my brain when it comes to holiday gift giving.  Possible stocking stuffers for cyclists are plentiful, affordable and just plain fun to shop for!

Bike Bells

Probably my favorite stocking stuffer for my cyclist friends is a bike bell.  They are happy, joyful little items that capture the celebratory nature of the season.  They are brightly colored and/or shiny and they make a happy sound.  There’s literally a world of choices out there making it easy to find that special bell for every special someone on your shopping list.

Bike Tools

For the male cyclists on your shopping list, nothing makes their hearts go pitter pat more than getting a new tool for their bike.  Emergency tools for bicycles are made to be compact, easy to carry versions of the tools that he might keep in the garage to work on his bike.  These bike multitools are the perfect size for stocking stuffers, are reasonable priced, and they are truly functional – not a silly toy that he will throw out after the the holidays are over.

Bike Spoke Lights

Here at Accessories For Bicycles, we have a particular interest in safety and making riders more visible when out on rides.  This can mean brightly colored clothing, reflective elements on the bike or clothing and bike lights of all kinds.    For the children on your list, I can guarantee big smiles and lots of mileage out of a very small investment in some kind of bike spoke lights.  These come in a variety of price ranges and sophistication.  From a simple, single colored LED that screws onto the valve stem, all the way to computer controlled lighting systems that can display all kinds of images and even animations.


The Best Bike Trainer – Kinetic Bike Trainer

The Best Bike Trainer

Riding a bike is hands down one of the most addictive and beneficial hobbies that someone can pick up. If like many others you have found yourself drawn into the biking world you may have considered picking up one a bike trainer. You simply can’t beat the convenience they have to offer. Training anywhere you want, all year round gives these trainers endless appeal to anyone who is passionate about biking.   But with so many different types and brands on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when searching for the best bike trainer for your needs. If you are looking for a trainer that will give you sturdy, realistic, and high quality performance, the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer is a great option.

Because this resistance trainer is extremely versatile, it appeals to bikers of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to use your trainer casually or you are prepping for an important bike race, this trainer could be the right choice for you. It’s compact yet sophisticated design is jam packed with features which make it one of the top trainers in it’s class.

Fluid resistance trainers are becoming more widely accepted among cyclists as the most effective types of trainers out there. The use of resistance fluid instead of rollers, magnets, or wind makes the ride a completely unique experience. This trainer delivers an incredibly smooth and realistic riding experience that other trainers simply can’t match up too. It also is much quieter than the other types of resistance trainers you can buy. You won’t have to worry about distracting noises or annoying disturbances humming from the Kinetic Road Machine.

Considering how compact this trainer is, the performance it has to offer is simply amazing. You can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you please, something other trainers aren’t exactly capable of. Other large, bulky, and awkward machines aren’t nearly as convenient and still can’t deliver a smoother ride than this one.

There are a few reasons people are skeptical of buying trainers like this .First off is the price tag. Since it is one of the best quality trainers on the market, it is considerably more expensive than some other options. Before letting the cost deter you however, you have to consider that you are getting what you pay for. You could either spend the extra buck and get a great trainer that is going to last you a while or buy a cheap one that will have a much lower quality performance.

There has also been a lot of skepticism surrounding the fact that fluid trainers can break and start leaking. The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer has a solid build with a leak proof magnetic drive system. Knowing that your trainer is built to last with sturdy materials eases the mind a little. Overall, there aren’t many trainers available that can do what this one does. There aren’t many bikers out there that would say they regretted spending the extra money on this great trainer.

The Best Bike Trainer

With so many benefits to yield from riding a bicycle, it’s no surprise to see more and more people picking up the hobby every year. Biking has proven to be one of the most effective and enjoyable cardiovascular exercises available. It’s easier on the joints than running and many people hardly even realize what an amazing workout they are getting from it. Some people are restricted in the amount of outdoors riding they can do due to time constraints, seasonal changes in weather, and the geography of where they live. The use of bicycle trainers has helped many people overcome these factors and enjoy the benefits of biking anywhere at anytime.   What is the best bike trainer?  That depends on a number of factors which will be examined in this guide to bicycle trainers.

What Are Bicycle Trainers?

Bicycle trainers are to cyclists as treadmills are to people who enjoy running. They are essentially a machine that attaches to your bicycle allowing you to ride it in a stationary position. They are used by a variety of different people to benefit from the convenience of riding inside whenever they want too. Professional cyclists may use them to prepare themselves for a race if they need a warm up or cool down afterwards. They are also used by any person that simply wants to get a bicycle workout from the comfort of their own home.

Different Types Of Trainers

If you are considering purchasing a bicycle trainer, there are two different types of trainers you can choose from: Roller Trainers or Mechanical Resistance Trainers. These two trainers function in different ways, each having their pros and cons based on your preferences.

Roller Trainers

These trainers are fairly simple in design, consisting of a system of rollers which you mount your bike on too. These types of trainers are a bit more difficult to get a hang of since they don’t secure your bike vertically, making the user rely on their own balance to stay upright. Some people are intimidated by these trainers because they are harder to get used too but many people who use them claim that after conquering the learning curve, using them is simple.

Mechanical Resistance Trainers

These bicycle trainers use a device that holds your back wheel in place while repelling the motion of the wheels. These ones are a bit easier to use at first since they hold your bike in place making it easier to balance. They come with three different kinds of resistance mechanisms. Listed below are the three most popular mechanical resistance trainers available:
Wind – These mechanisms use a round fan to push air on to the wheel, creating resistance.
Fluid – Fluid mechanisms use chambers of resistance fluid to give a more realistic “road like” feel.
Magnetic – A magnetic wheel on the rear of this mechanism creates a magnetic force, creating resistance for the biker.

Pros Of Each Trainer

Roller trainers – These trainers are popular amongst people who aren’t looking to make a big financial investment. They are usually the cheapest type of trainer because of their simplicity. People also prefer these trainers because they offer a more realistic and challenging training session. Being able to move your weight from side to side and balance yourself out makes it feel as if you are on the road training rather than inside.
Mechanical Bike Trainers – As mentioned earlier, these trainers are much more beginner friendly and easy to get used too. They allow you to focus less on balancing yourself out and more on things like watching television or listening to the radio. They are also much more space conservative than roller trainers, making them easier to store and set up in different areas of your home.

Cons You Should Know

Either of these trainers can prove to be an indefinitely useful addition to your home. You should however, weigh out the cons with the pros to find out which type is the best for you based on your interests.
Roller Trainers – Chances are you aren’t going to be able to hop right on one of these and have it mastered the first time you use it. Some people find them easier to figure out than others but regardless of skill, you will need some time to get comfortable with one. There is also no way for you to increase the resistance that the rollers have on your wheels. In order for you to get more resistance, you have to change the gears on your bike. Due to the design of the roller systems, most of these trainers aren’t compatible with any bike tires other than flat and road styles.
Mechanical Resistance Trainers – These trainers tend to be pricey and require a more significant financial investment than the rollers. They also offer a less realistic biking experience since your back wheel is held in place. Some people complain that without having to balance themselves out, the ride feels less authentic. These trainers can also be a bit more expensive to repair since the mechanisms are more complicated than the roller systems.

So Which One Is Right For You?

There is no definitive answer to which of these trainers is the best since their usefulness varies according to the users interests. If you aren’t looking to invest a lot of money but want to experiment with a bicycle trainer, a roller system could be the best option. They also prove useful if you are looking for a more realistic and dynamic training session. If you want a more portable and balanced session, mechanical resistance trainers could be right up your alley. They allow you to effortlessly train indoors without sucking up too much of your concentration.

Give It A Try!

The convenience of bicycle trainers has proved invaluable to people with an interest in riding bikes. You can enjoy getting exercise, preparing for competition, or just passing time from anywhere indoors. They are great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spare due to a hectic schedule. They also eliminate restrictions placed on bicyclists caused by bad weather or the location they live in. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to indulge in biking, it may be worth your while to browse the variety of bicycle trainers and see which one would work best for you.

Giant Bicycle Recalls XtC Bicycles and Seatposts

Recall Date:  August 8, 2013
Recall Number: 13-261
Name of Product: 2013 Giant XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 series, Contact SLR 27.2 mm carbon fiber seatpost
Hazard: The bicycle seatposts on the affected bicycles and the after-market seatposts can crack, posing a fall hazard.
Remedy: Replace
Consumer Contact: Giant Bicycle Inc., toll-free at (866) 458-2555 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at and click on Recall Information at the bottom of the page for more information.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission posted a recall yesterday of Giant XtC bicycles and seatposts due to a fall hazard.  The recall pertains to the 2013 Giant XtC Advanced SL 29er 0 and 29er 1 series bicycles and the 27.2 mm carbon fiber seatposts that were sold separately.  Click on the thumbnails below to see the recalled bikes and seatpost.

Manufactured by Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., of Taiwan, and distributed by Giant Bicycles Inc. of Newbury Park, CA, these bikes sold nationwide in the US between November of 2012 and May of 2013, ranging in price from $4,300 to $7,700 and the Contact SLR seatpost sold for $200.

The CPSC reports that the seatposts on the cited XtCs and the after market “Contact SLR” seatposts can crack and fail, leading to a possible fall hazard.  Though no injuries have been reported, the company has recalled the bikes and seatposts so that the seatposts can be replaced.   Riders should immediately stop riding the recalled bikes and seatposts and contact a Giant Bicycle dealer for a free replacement seatpost.


Walmart Bicycle Parts USA, LLC

With the work I do, I am always on the road, in places I have never been before, and usually in rural settings.  There’s rarely a LBS (local bike shop)  to pop into to get the basics I needed to keep rolling.  Walmart has become the closest thing to a LBS to be found while on the road in these rural settings.  No matter how far out in the boonies I am,  a Walmart can always be found to pick up tubes, tires, chain lube, patch kits and such to keep riding.  Walmart bike parts keep rural America riding.

Rural America’s Local Bike Shop

I went looking to see just how much of the population of the US actually rode bikes.  The numbers I found are from 2002, so are a bit dated now, but they still give an idea about just how many people ride.  The 2002 National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes and Behaviors was sponsored by the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Bureau of Transportation Statistics in order to gauge pedestrian and bicyclists’ trips, behaviors, and attitudes.  According to the survey, approximately 57 million people, 27.3 % of the population age 16 or older, rode a bicycle at least once during the summer of 2002.  Current data tells us that the 2013 population of the USA is over 316 million with  18% living in rural areas, or over 56 million people.  If, for the sake of discussion, we use the 2002 numbers that says about 27 % of those people ride bikes, that means over 15 million bike riders are out in rural areas needing parts and accessories to keep riding!  Walmart is the LBS for all those riders.

While Walmart does not carry top of the line bike parts for the elite racers of the world, they do carry enough bike parts and accessories to keep the rest of the riding population out enjoying their bikes.  Walmart keeps a good selection on the shelves, and has even more options if you go online.  Brands to look for include:

  • Bell Sports – tires, tubes, seats, brake pads, brake calipers, grips, chains, kickstands, cables
  • Shimano – rear derallier, cassettes, bottom bracket tool (online only)
  • Schwinn – pumps, kickstand
  • Slime – tire sealant, self sealing tubes, tire liners  
  • Mongoose – seats, pedals
  • Kent International – seats, BMX axel pegs, locks, training wheels
  • Allen – racks and trailers

Walmart offers a good selection of the basics at affordable prices and an excellent return policy should you not be happy with your purchase.  I have been very happy with the dependability of being able to find their stores in unfamiliar areas, and once in the door, the dependability of  of knowing that I will find what I need.

Review – Solvit 62331 Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket

Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Dog Bicycle Basket

Taking your dog with you on bike rides can be a very dangerous idea if you do not have a safe means of doing so.  Not only could your pet get hurt should he fall out, you could get hurt as well as others around you.  Bicycle baskets for dogs are designed to safely attach to your bike, and have added features to ensure your pet has a safe ride.

I purchased the Solvit 62331 Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket and decided to write up a review based to my experiences. In this review, I will discuss how easy it was to install, how well it works, some minor drawbacks, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether the Solvit 62331 Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket is right for you and your dog.

Designed to Provided a Safe Ride For You And Your Dog

The Solvit 62331 Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket is a basket designed to solve the problem of how to take your dog with you on rides.  By providing a means to attach the basket to your bike and a leash attachment to attach to your dog’s harness, Solvit hopes to have created a safe solution to taking your dog with you on bike rides.   But does it actually work as intended?  The rest of this review will focus on my experiences with this product, from initial impressions, to installation and use.

What’s In The Box?

After reading lots of online reviews about this product, I decided to order it myself.  I like the look of rattan wicker, and with the added features of a sunshade and ways to tether my dog to the basket, this basket looked to be a stylish and versatile choice.   The product came in two days and upon opening the box, I found the following:

The first thing I noticed is that the basket is not rattan at all, but rather a plastic, vinyl type material that is rattan colored. Additionally, the “full sheepskin liner” is not sheepskin, but rather a synthetic fleece.  I went back to Amazon to check to see if I had made a mistake, and read things wrong.  Below is a screenshot and confirmation that I had not misread:


I was not happy with these misrepresentations, but decided to proceed with the installation.

The Installation Experience

Installation was a breeze for me, and I did it without looking at the provided instructions .  But, I’ve always been that way,  only looking at instructions as a last resort!  🙂   I know that not all people are like this, so I decided to read them over so I could make an accurate report to you.  Honestly, I found them to be a bit on the confusing side.  But with the pictures provided they will  help explain what you might not understand at first.  The only thing not provided is a phillips screwdriver.  The rest is just knowing what to put where.  Look over the instructions I’ve included in this review if you are concerned.    Following are what I considered the best qualities of this basket, and the few issues I discovered.


  • Adjustable – Bracket ensures a good fit on most bikes
  • Convieniet – Mounting system makes removing basket easy when not taking your dog for a ride
  • Safe – Leash attachment included to hook on to your dog’s harness
  • Versatile – Removable sunshade to keep your dog comfortable on hot days
  • Warranty – 1 year


  • Material – Not really rattan wicker as advertised
  • Details – Some manufacturing inconsistencies – holes in several straps weren’t punched all the way through


The Solvit 62331 Tagalong Dog Bicycle Basket did a great job of solving the problem of how to safely take my dog riding with me.   The bracket securely attaches to handlebars and the leash attachment relieved my worries that my little Holly could  jump out while we were rolling down the road.  I would highly recommend this basket if, like me, you have a small dog.  The recommended weight capacity for this basket is only 13 lbs, and based on my observations should not be exceeded.   With proper installation and adjustment, and minding the weight limitation, I think that you will be very happy with this basket’s features and versatility.

Where to Buy

I’ve done a lot of research of where to buy this  product.  I bought from because I am a Prime member and have come to rely on their two day delivery.  I like the almost instant gratification Amazon Prime gives me.  When I finally decide on a product, I hate having to wait!  🙂  Patience is not one of my virtues.    Additionally, I have always experienced excellent customer service with Amazon when I’ve had to return items, so I trust them.    However, if you like having other choices, this basket is also available from several retailers through for $59.95 to $69.95 with free shipping.  1-800-PetMeds offers it for $56.99 + shipping.   But, I can not vouch for the later’s return policies.

CLICK HERE to purchase from for $59.89 with Free Shipping


Info At A Glance

PRODUCT NAME: Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Dog Bicycle Basket
MODEL/MAKE/STYLE: Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Dog Bicycle Basket
DIMENSIONS: 15 inches L x 11 inches W x 9.5 inches H
WEIGHT: 4 lbs
WARRANTY INFORMATION: 1 Year against defective materials and workmanship
DELIVERY COST: Free Shipping
DELIVERY TIME: 2 days with Amazon Prime. 5-8 days for Non-Prime customers

Wicked Cool Bicycle Spoke Lights – Monkey Light Pro

Here at Accessories For Bicycles, we are all about the simple pleasure of riding a bike.  Equally important is keeping safety in mind at all times. If you’re a mountain biker or downhill rider, riding within you abilities and wearing the proper safety gear helps to ensure that you will live to ride another day.  If you ride the streets your greatest danger lies in not being seen by cars.  There are many ways to make yourself more visible including bright colored clothing, clothing with reflective elements,  head lights and tail lights.  All of these are great safety choices.  But, if you want to be safe AND be the coolest kid on the block you must check out a new product by a company called MonkeyLectric and their unbelievably cool bicycle spoke lights called Monkey Light Pro.

Kickstarter Project Headed Into Production

MonkeyLectric is a California based company embracing the same spirit that drives us here at Accessories For Bicycles – the love of the ride.  As their website says “nothing compares to the the simple pleasure of a bike ride” and all their products are made to enhance that simple yet glorious pleasure. Their Monkey Light Pros were recently a Kickstarter project that funded on July 21, and are now headed into production.  

Innovative Design Features

The Monkey Light Pro lights use four LED-studded bars that fit along the spokes of your wheel. As you ride, the bars rotate and generate 256-color animated GIFs by exploiting an effect know as the persistence of vision effect.  To keep your images moving in the right direction and in time with your pedaling, the system has four magnetic sensors to track rotational direction and speed, as well as a 2-axis accelerometer, keeping everything in sync at speeds from 10 mph to 40 mph, even backwards!

Designed To Fit Most Bikes

The spoke lights are designed to fit wheels 26 inches in diameter and larger, with each unit weighing just 500 grams.  With an integrated Li-ion battery the lights can run 3 – 8 hours at full brightness and up to 48 hours on lower settings.   Made out of clear, durable urethane, the units are protected from water, dirt and road vibrations and are suitable for daily use.

MonkeyLectric Affordable Options

Killer safety and a wicked cool factor is sure to be a winning combination as these Monkey Light Pro lights start rolling off the assembly line.  Head over to their Kickstarter page and the Monkey Light Pro product page to see more videos demonstrating how amazing these lights are.  However, with the current price tag of $895.00, this kid will have to wait for now to be the coolest kid on the block.  Hopefully in time, the price will come down and be more accessible for us all.    Luckily, MonkeyLectric has other more affordable offerings. The Monkey Light M232  has 32 full color LEDs with 42 patterns at a price of $74.99.  And the MonkeyLectric M210, at $49.99, has 10 full color LEDs with 19 patterns.    Both of these light systems will get you noticed by cars, other riders and pedestrians alike!


The Best Dog Basket For A Bike

Dog Bike Basket

Dogs love to go for rides!

Are a you a cyclist and a dog owner looking for a way to include your dog on rides?   If you have a larger dog and live in a place where you can ride and let your dog run free, safe from cars or anything else that might interfere, this is the easiest way to include your pet.  If you have a smaller dog who does not have the endurance to keep up, then running along while you ride is not an option and another means must be found.  A favorite for small breed owners is a dog basket for a bike.  These baskets are made to attach to your bike and have added features to make your four legged friend more comfortable.

Basket Options For Small Dogs

The weight of your dog will largely determine what basket choices are open to you.  Baskets that are made to mount on your handlebars are typically rated to support no more that 15 lbs.  So, unless you have a dog that is of the “toy” or “teacup” variety, this option will not be open to you.  If you have a dog weighing more than 15 lbs, there are still a few options available.

Basket Options For all Other Dogs

If you are committed to a having your dog in front of you while riding, then the best option would be to go with a basket that is not specifically designed as a dog basket.   Metal wire baskets are much stronger than other baskets.   Many have the additional support of struts that attach to the forks, adding significant strength and stability to the basket.  Adding a soft blanket or towel to the bottom of the basket for comfort, and a  leash that can attach your dog’s harness to the basket for safety and you’ll have a solution that can withstand much heavier weights.  Another option for medium sized dogs is to go with a rear minuted basket.  These baskets are made to attach to an existing rear bike rack and are able to support weights in the 30 lbs range, provided your rear rack is rated to support this weight.  There are baskets specifically designed for dogs.  Or, with a few modifications as detailed above, most baskets could be modified to safely and comfortably carry your pet.

Always Chose Safety First

Including your dog with you on rides can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  Safety is absolutely the first criteria that should be considered when selecting a dog basket for a bike.  The weight of your dog and your ability to safely maneuver your bike with your pet aboard will determine what the best basket is for your needs.

What Is A Bike Bell?

What Is A Bike Bell 1

My favorite vintage bike bell

Bike bells have been around almost as long as bicycles.  As soon as the bicycle was invented, riders needed a simple way to let other people know they were approaching and needed to pass.  What is a bike bell?  The simplest definition would be that they are bells made to be mounted on a bicycle and used for communication purposes.  They are a useful, and even required piece of safety equipment in some jurisdictions.  But, bike bells are so much more than that!  Today they are a favorite means of personalizing your bike as they come in a multitude of colors, styles, shapes, sizes and even rings.


What Is A Bike Bell 2

Attaching a bell to your bike is simple

What distinguishes a bike bell from any other kind of bell is it’s ability to be easily attached to a bicycle, and easily rang when a rider is riding.   This is accomplished by the utilization of a mounting bracket  to attach the bell to the handlebars, or other locations on the bike, and typically a thumb activated mechanism that strikes the bell to produce the ring.

There are a variety of mechanisms used to produce the ring.  Some have a lever that is pulled back by your thumb, and when released strikes the surface of the bell producing the sound.  Others have a spring loaded lever that when depressed with your thumb and released produces and ever louder sound.  Still others have a gear activated mechanism inside the bell.  When the lever is pushed, it causes the internal striker to rotate and hit the bell repeatedly.  Below is an example of this sort of mechanism.


As would be expected, bells can produce many different sounds based on the size of the bell, the material that is used to make the bell, and the striking mechanism used.  The bells that are rung by the thumb pulling back the lever and releasing make the smallest sound.  The bells that have external, spring activated levers typically are the loudest.   The bells that have internal strikers tend to make the sound most associated with the bike bell.

The bike bell is a simple device that can be attached to a bicycle and easily used by the rider to signal other riders and pedestrians as to their location and intentions.   They are inexpensive, easy to attach and provide a fun way to add a little personality to any bike.