Selecting A Rear Mounted Dog Basket For a Bike

Dog In Red Bicycle Basket

For those of us that have dogs that are not of the “teacup” variety, front mounted bike baskets are not an option.  They simply do not provide the strength and stability to support dogs weighing much more than 10 lbs.  There are a few rear mounted bike baskets for dogs that are made to attach to an existing rear bike rack.  This system provides much more weight handling capabilities.  The added stability and the pet specific features of these baskets make them excellent choices if your dog’s breed doesn’t start with the word “toy”.  This article will help you in selecting a rear mounted dog basket for a bike.

Rear bike baskets are a great way to go in so many ways.  They are usually larger than front mounted baskets, they can carry more weight, and having the weight distributed over the rear wheel instead of the front wheel, makes any weight much easier to control.  The only drawback, in terms of carrying your pup around with you, is that he is sitting behind you making it difficult to keep an eye on him.

Rear mounted bike baskets are made to work with a rear bike rack.  So, first things first – do you have a rear rack installed on your bike?  If not, they are inexpensive and easy to install.  They usually bolt on to the seat stays and to braze-on mounts, providing a stable framework to attach things to your bicycle.  They are typically rated to carry loads between 20 and 50 lbs which is more than enough to handle medium sized dogs. Once you have the rack in place, you have a few baskets to chose from.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, just about any rear basket will work if it’s large enough to hold your dog.  But, these baskets have added features to make your dog’s ride safer and more comfortable.

 The Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

The Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat is a feature packed basket that has you dog’s safety and comfort in mind. It is covered in a black quilted cover that is fleece lined and padded in the bottom to keep your dog comfortable, even on the longest rides. It also has a highly reflective strip on the back to make both of you more visible on rides. It includes a strap to attach to your dog’s harness.  It it rated to carry 24 lbs.    The great thing about this “basket” is that when not on rides, it can be removed from your bike, and used as a bed for your pup.

 The Axiom Pet Basket

The Axiom Pet Basket with Rack and Handlebar Mounts is another basket that can serve dual purposes.  Included are two mounts – one for the handlebars and one for a rear bike rack.   When used as a front basket, it has a recommended weight limit of 12 lbs.  As a rear basket, it has a weight limit of 50 lbs, provided your rack is rated to carry that weight.    In addition to the mounting versatility, this basket comes with a tether to attach to your pet’s harness, and an optional  spring loaded “jump stop” top cage – both to help keep your dog in the basket.

The Basil Pasja Animal Basket

The Basil Pasja Animal Basket is the most stylish of the three presented here.  It is a gorgeous wicker basket with a padded bottom to  keep your dog comfortable while you do all the hard work!  Unlike the other two, this basket does not have anything to attach to your pet’s harness.  Unless you are confident that your dog knows to stay put while you are peddling down the road, it would be a good idea to get the optional wire cage top for this basket.  The manufacture’s weight recommendation for this basket is 33 lbs – again, if your rear rack is rated to carry that weight.

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