Selecting A Bicycle Cell Phone Holder


Mounting your smart phone to your handlebars may have seemed silly five years ago, but that’s five years ago.  Handlebar phone mounts for bikes are changing the way of cycling, and for the better.  By attaching your latest and greatest smart phone to your handlebar, it will safely allow you to access your phone.  From the casual commuter to the highest level of cycling competition, a bicycle cell phone holder will aid in your riding experience.  So if you truly want to be a ‘smart’ cyclist, then make the small investment.

Riding Smart With Your Smartphone

The market for bicycle phone mounts has really taken off in the last few years.  Mounting your phone to your handlebars is not just for easy and safe access anymore.  There are numerous applications you can download to your phone specifically for cycling and training, similar to what cycling computers can do.  From the weight-weenie aspect it only makes sense to mount your phone to the handlebars! Most likely you’re going to be carrying your phone in your pocket anyways, so why wouldn’t you simply attach it to your handlebars and lose the clunky computer?  You will even find that it can be a much cheaper way of upgrading to that fancy GPS computer you have always wanted!

But when it comes to selecting the right mount there is obviously a couple things to keep in mind; for example making sure your clamping diameter of the mount is compatible with your handlebars, and also that you’ve got the correct mount for your phone model.

Perfect Fit For Your Handlebars

When it comes to clamping the phone mount to your handlebars you should be familiar with the different clamp diameters that exist.  The most common size in modern day cycling is 31.8 mm (oversized), but in the early days of mountain biking 25.4 mm was the standard.  If your bike is an older road bike, especially Italian, then you may find that it’s clamp diameter is 26.0 mm. These measurements are taken  at the point of the bar where the stem mounts, and will taper down to 22.2 mm for mountain bike bars or 23.8 mm for road bars.  Don’t stress, this is not as crucial as it seems because most products come with a universal clamping system.  The mount is either supplied with a couple different clamps, or often comes with basic shims to ensure the clamp is compatible with your handlebars.

Make Sure The Mount Will Fit Your Phone

The second characteristic to keep in mind when making the purchase is fairly simple compared to the other, but just as crucial.  When finding the correct phone mount, make sure the mount is compatible for the smart phone you intend to use.  Many companies also make a universal system for this too, but if you can find a mount specifically for your model of phone, then you will be much happier with your purchase.  For example, if you have the new Iphone 5/5s don’t purchase a mount for an Iphone 4/4s. There’s a difference, and just by using common sense your phone will attach with ease.  Finally, the universal mounts still do have a purpose.  If you’re looking for a mount that is not specifically made for your phone model, then that’s when the universal mount is required.

In the end, just make sure you research and check out the specifications of the product, this will ensure compatibility.  Like any purchase made, you don’t spend your money without knowing what you’re buying.  Simply shop smart and you’ll successfully find the right handlebar phone mount that you’ll enjoy for a long time to come!

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