Selecting a Dog Bicycle Carrier

Bicycle Dog Carrier Three different types of bicycle baskets for dogs are on the market these days: fabric baskets, rattan/wicker baskets, and metal wire baskets. Each dog bicycle carrier has pros and cons to consider when making a selection. Here is a quick overview of each type.

Fabric Baskets

Made out of the same material that backpacks are made of, fabric baskets are a good choice if different color options are an important factor. These baskets are typically loaded with useful features like water bottle holders, rain covers, leash attachment points, microfiber clothe for easy cleaning and can even serve as a dog carrier purse when off the bike. However, of the three different types detailed here, these baskets offer the least amount of stability. Even with a small dog under 15 lbs, the lack of rigidity can leave you and your dog feeling less than secure. Knowing your dog and knowing the roads you’ll be riding is key if you are thinking about selecting this option. If both are calm, this bicycle dog basket will be a good choice.

Rattan/Wicker Baskets

A wicker bicycle basket for your dog is a timely favorite. These baskets have an old world feel to them. They are a favorite for those who desire stylish accessories for bicycles. This market segment is well represented with many shapes and styles to chose from. Wicker offers the perfect meeting of form and function: wicker is strong, it’s durable, and it’s beautiful. In addition to those desirable qualities, wicker keeps your dog cool and comfortable because it allows air to circulate. Features to look for when considering a rattan/wicker basket include removable sunshades and a caged roof to keep your dog inside the basket.

Metal Wire Baskets

Metal baskets aren’t particularly attractive. What they are is strong and stable. Most other dog bicycle carriers simply attach to your handlebars. This is fine for the smaller dog breeds. But if you have a medium sized dog, a single attachment point will not provide enough strength and stability to handle the extra weight. Many of the wire bicycle baskets are designed to attach to both your handlebars and to your forks. This method of attachment ensures solid stability and will enable you to carry medium sized dogs with you. Safety = stability = control. Metal wire baskets are the best choice for larger dogs. Look for quilted basket liners to make your pet more comfortable during your rides.

Dogs love to go for rides! A bicycle dog carrier is designed to attach to your handlebars so that your pet can go on rides with you. The most important consideration when selecting a basket is the weight of your pet. The fabric baskets are only suitable for the smaller breeds. Fabric baskets and wicker baskets can be very stylish accessories for bicycles if they satisfy your weight requirements. For the medium sized breeds, a metal wire basket is the only safe choice, as they offer the greatest strength and stability. Making the right selection will ensure you and your pet safely enjoy your rides together.

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