Snoozer Pet Products – The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Snoozer Buddy Dog Bike Basket

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket is a great product among a line of bicycle accessories for small pets.  If you are in the market for pet products in general, such as carriers or beds, I highly suggest that you check out all of the Snoozer Pet Product line.

 Unique Features

This specific product has a number of features that are unique to pet bicycle baskets.  For example, it has a removable inner pad and chin rest for your pet’s comfort.  The basket is designed so that it packs and ships flat, making the product extremely easy to store when not in use.  There is plenty of room for additional small items and the basket has mesh storage pockets for things like a book or water bottle.  The inner leash clip is perfect for securing your pet to the basket.  It’s a safety feature that’s important for potentially bumpy rides.  You certainly wouldn’t want your furry friend flying forward and the inner leash clip would prevent that from happening.  In the event that it rains, there is also a rain cover stored conveniently in the side pocket of the basket so you can cover your pet at a moments notice in order to keep him or her dry.  The bulk of the basket is made of microfiber, which is an extremely durable and easy to clean material, and comes in Grey or Pink.

Best Suited For Dogs Under 15 Lbs

This product is extremely easy to use and comes with an instructions letter.  Simply follow the instructions to secure it to your handlebars for a smooth ride with your pet.  Keep in mind that the product is not suitable for dogs over 15 lbs depending on the length and height of your dog. Dogs with high anxiety levels may not cope well riding with you on your bike in general.  If your dog is very high anxiety, you may consider taking it slow at first, giving them a chance to adapt to the basket.  The product works best for smooth, street or sidewalk rides.  If you want to go off road in your bike, this may not be the best product for you.

Bike and Installation Considerations

The product is not suitable for all bicycle types.  You may want to consider measuring the distance from the lowest point of your handlebars to the top of your front wheel if you are concerned about the fit.  For reference, it measures 10 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs about 4 pounds.  On the backside of the basket there are two straps that attach the basket to the handlebars. If the handlebars are a smooth open type the basket will likely slide from side to side. The basket works best with handlebars that are angled so that the two straps can rest in the lower, flat area and not slide.  There’s also an adjustable brace located under the basket that fits against the vertical bar located between your handlebars and front tire.

Great Price Point

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket  retails at Amazon for between $49.95 and $50.50, depending on what color you (or your dog) prefers.   This is very competitive with other similar products on the market.    Try it out!  According to the item details, you can return it if it doesn’t work for your bike.

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