Stocking Stuffers For Cyclists

It’s getting to be that holiday time of year again.  I absolutely detest the last minute, fight with the crowds routine that I did for years.  Not only am I Queen B Bike Nerd, but in years past I have been the poster child for procrastination when it comes to holiday shopping.  Thankfully the internet removes all the major excuses for not getting my shopping done: crowds, traffic, weather, after hours.   Being the Queen B Bike Nerd that I am, many of my friends are of the same tribe, so I don’t have to rack my brain when it comes to holiday gift giving.  Possible stocking stuffers for cyclists are plentiful, affordable and just plain fun to shop for!

Bike Bells

Probably my favorite stocking stuffer for my cyclist friends is a bike bell.  They are happy, joyful little items that capture the celebratory nature of the season.  They are brightly colored and/or shiny and they make a happy sound.  There’s literally a world of choices out there making it easy to find that special bell for every special someone on your shopping list.

Bike Tools

For the male cyclists on your shopping list, nothing makes their hearts go pitter pat more than getting a new tool for their bike.  Emergency tools for bicycles are made to be compact, easy to carry versions of the tools that he might keep in the garage to work on his bike.  These bike multitools are the perfect size for stocking stuffers, are reasonable priced, and they are truly functional – not a silly toy that he will throw out after the the holidays are over.

Bike Spoke Lights

Here at Accessories For Bicycles, we have a particular interest in safety and making riders more visible when out on rides.  This can mean brightly colored clothing, reflective elements on the bike or clothing and bike lights of all kinds.    For the children on your list, I can guarantee big smiles and lots of mileage out of a very small investment in some kind of bike spoke lights.  These come in a variety of price ranges and sophistication.  From a simple, single colored LED that screws onto the valve stem, all the way to computer controlled lighting systems that can display all kinds of images and even animations.


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