The Best Dog Basket For A Bike

Dog Bike Basket

Dogs love to go for rides!

Are a you a cyclist and a dog owner looking for a way to include your dog on rides?   If you have a larger dog and live in a place where you can ride and let your dog run free, safe from cars or anything else that might interfere, this is the easiest way to include your pet.  If you have a smaller dog who does not have the endurance to keep up, then running along while you ride is not an option and another means must be found.  A favorite for small breed owners is a dog basket for a bike.  These baskets are made to attach to your bike and have added features to make your four legged friend more comfortable.

Basket Options For Small Dogs

The weight of your dog will largely determine what basket choices are open to you.  Baskets that are made to mount on your handlebars are typically rated to support no more that 15 lbs.  So, unless you have a dog that is of the “toy” or “teacup” variety, this option will not be open to you.  If you have a dog weighing more than 15 lbs, there are still a few options available.

Basket Options For all Other Dogs

If you are committed to a having your dog in front of you while riding, then the best option would be to go with a basket that is not specifically designed as a dog basket.   Metal wire baskets are much stronger than other baskets.   Many have the additional support of struts that attach to the forks, adding significant strength and stability to the basket.  Adding a soft blanket or towel to the bottom of the basket for comfort, and a  leash that can attach your dog’s harness to the basket for safety and you’ll have a solution that can withstand much heavier weights.  Another option for medium sized dogs is to go with a rear minuted basket.  These baskets are made to attach to an existing rear bike rack and are able to support weights in the 30 lbs range, provided your rear rack is rated to support this weight.  There are baskets specifically designed for dogs.  Or, with a few modifications as detailed above, most baskets could be modified to safely and comfortably carry your pet.

Always Chose Safety First

Including your dog with you on rides can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  Safety is absolutely the first criteria that should be considered when selecting a dog basket for a bike.  The weight of your dog and your ability to safely maneuver your bike with your pet aboard will determine what the best basket is for your needs.

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