The Octopus Bike Bell

I was able to share the bike love with a friend recently, and I am happy to report we have a new convert.  She had only ever ridden what I call “a beater bike” – a rusted, randomly shifting, poor fitting, bike of unknown origins.  It’s no wonder that the magic and glory of The Bike had never spoken to her.  Being the Bike Evangelist that I am, I was able to pick up an older KHS Elite off of Craigslist, add a new cassette, chain and brake pads, and gift her with what I hoped would spark the flame of bike love within her.  I’m happy to report that she not only “got it”, she may have crossed over into bike fanaticism.  🙂  She rides at every opportunity, and if she isn’t riding, she talking about riding and bikes in general.  Mission accomplished!!

With her birthday quickly approaching, naturally I wanted to get her a fun accessory for her bike.  Luckily, she is all about blinging out her new ride, so I had many possibilities to chose from.  I could not believe my good fortune when I went hunting and found….wait for it….an octopus bike bell!  Not only is she a bike fan, she also thinks the octopus is one of the coolest creatures there is!   Who would have ever thought that such a simple thing as a bike bell, and a bike bell with an octopus on it could produce so many smiles and so much happiness!

Octopus Bike Bell

Here is the little birthday present she was so excited to receive.  It is made by a company called Dringdring Designs whose bells all feature original, hand painted designs.  I love these bells!  The designs are fun, the quality is outstanding, and the installation is super easy.

Octopus Bike Bell 2

It attaches to your handlebars with a simple clamp held together with two screws.

Octopus Bike Bell 3

Simply unscrew the two screws, separate the clamp, position the bell on your handlebars,  re-position the rear part of the clamp,  and tighten the two screws.

Octopus Bike Bell 4

That’s it!  Super easy, and you’re ready to roll!  The video below will give you idea of what it sounds like.

How cute is that?!?    The only thing I’ve not been happy with is that this bell makes a little noise when you don’t want it to – like when you’re going over bumps, or riding rough roads.  My friend’s solution is to just rest her thumb on the bell when she’s going over the bumps, which for her isn’t often, so this little quirk is not a deal breaker.  Just a little heads up though if resting your thumb on the bell isn’t a solution that will work for you.  Other than that, at $16.00, this bell could not have been a more perfect birthday present for my friend on her first birthday as a bicycle fanatic.

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