The Snoozer Pet Rider – A Luxurious Rear Mounted Dog Basket For a Bike

Snoozer Pet Rider

Some cars are not meant to be driven, but to be driven around in. Elegant rear seats, copious features behind the partition and just barebones for the driver. Just like chauffeured cars, any bike with a Snoozer Pet Rider basket is a bike that is not meant to be ridden, but ridden in. Plush fabric and spacious design will make your dog feel like they are being driven around in a limo to their favorite park.  The Snoozer Pet Rider  is a most luxurious rear mounted dog basket for a bike.

For Dogs Up To 24 Lbs

Snoozer makes a variety of pet baskets for cars, travel and for bicycles. The Pet Rider is a large basket with a 15 by 12 inch interior and thick, padded sides, which makes it really boxy. For smaller pets, around 10 pounds, the Pet Rider is unnecessarily large (remember, you are going to have to be able to place your pet in the basket and then throw a leg over the top tube without tilting the bike much; larger baskets make this more difficult). Snoozer designed the basket well and their craftsmanship allows it to carry a pet that weighs up to 24 pounds.

Requires a Rear Rack

A rear rack is required for mounting the basket, but almost every flat-top rack strong enough to carry your dog will work. To mount the basket, place it on top of the rack and then three straps secure it to the bike: one around the seat post and two around the seat stays. When you are mounting the basket for the first time, wrap the straps around the seat stays and seat post and slide them up and down until you find where the strap feels the strongest and least likely to slide. Once you find these spots, tighten each strap gradually, centering the basket, then cut off the extra fabric to keep it from getting caught in the spokes. Snoozer recommends adding a pet blanket to the bottom of the basket, for more comfort, before securing your pet with the basket’s leash.

Be Careful Using The Leash

The Pet Rider is one of the more luxurious baskets on the market, however, that seems to be its only strong point. The basket has an obvious safety issue and the mounting could use improvements. The leash can be adjusted to fit different size pets, but when it is loose enough to allow the dog to stand, they can jump out. Also, the leash attaches to the floor of the basket and pets can trip and get tangled in it. A better option would be a way to enclose the basket so no leash is needed.

We Think It’s Best For Small Dogs and Short Rides

Another drawback to the basket is the way it connects to bikes. Straps are inexpensive ways to mount a basket, but they are neither the most secure nor the most durable. The straps pull against the bikes frame for security, but larger bikes have very steep seat stays that make it likely that the straps will slide up the frame and loosen as you ride. Also, the straps are sewn into the basket and are not easily replaceable, so a small cut in one of the straps will make it unsafe to mount the basket and the whole thing is useless. Because of these downsides, the Pet Rider is good for pets that are going on shorter rides and do well in baskets. Just be warned, there is another downside to using such a comfortable basket: after seeing your dog curl up in it during a ride, you will be envious that you can’t curl up and have someone ride you around town.  Currently Snoozer isn’t doing for riders what they are for pets.  If you want to spoil your dog with short spins around town, and have him be the envy of all his neighborhood pals, the Snoozer Pet Rider is the basket to do just that!

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