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Kryptonite Locks is a company that specializes in “keeping what is yours, yours”.  They have been in the business of protecting your bike since the 1970’s.  With their outstanding reputation in the bicycle security world, and the competitive pricing Walmart parts and accessories provides the customer, Walmart is an excellent choice when looking to purchase a Kryptonite bike lock.

Kryptonite – Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Kryptonite first got a name for themselves with the unique U-shaped locking device specifically designed for bicycles.  Their cult-like following has grown through some of the greatest marketing campaigns the cycling industry has seen.  For example, they would leave bicycles locked for days in New York City – bike theft capital of the United States – while locked up with their great products, and it indeed they worked.  Their U-Locks have a $750 guarantee if your bike is stolen.

The easiest way for you to get your hands on one of their great products is simply by visiting the largest department store in the world, Walmart.  Kryptonite Cycling Locks are in stock at the majority of Walmarts nationwide.  Whether you are looking for their original U-Lock, combination cable lock, or the basic key lock they have what you’re looking for.

Kryptonite Bicycle Locks At Walmart

Now let’s break down the Kryptonite Locks most Walmart stores have to offer so you can make the best decision.

Kryptonite U Lock at Walmart

First, The Kryptonite U-Lock  is a 15-mm steel “shackle” that includes a handy carrying bracket. to mount on your bike.   This lock provides the best security of the available choices, though it’s quite large.  Yes, it is a little bulky, but it has its worth.  When a customer purchases a U-Lock by Kryptonite Locks, they also receive an antitheft guarantee for up to $750.  This is one of the greatest warranties on the market!

Combo Lock

The next option is their Kryptonite RC510 Reset Combo Cable Lockicon.  This is a handy lock for bicycles as it can easily be stowed away in a pocket or in a saddlebag on a bicycle.  It also includes what Kryptonite calls a “transport carrier”, this is a mount that can easily be mounted to a bicycle’ss seatpost.  The product itself is a 10-mm thick and 5-ft long braided-steel cable that is wrapped in an Anti-scratch vinyl covering so that it won’t scratch the finish on your bike.

Keyed Lock

Finally, the Kryptonite K510 Cable Lock, similar to the RC510, is another great option that can be found at Walmart.  The difference between the two is the locking system.  The RC510 is a combo-lock system while the Kryptonite K510 is a 5-pin cylinder key-lock system.  It has a 8-mm thick, 4 ft-long, steel braded cable with an Anti-scratch Vinyl covering.

Walmart Bicycle Parts and Accessories Offer Kryptonite Quality at Affordable Prices

Whatever Kryptonite Lock you decide to purchase can be found for sale from many different vendors, but Walmart will have the best prices.  This is due to Walmart’s excellent price-match guarantee.  Additionally, should you not be happy with your purchase, Walmart has an excellent return policy.  Personally my favorite lock that Kryptonite offers is the original U-Lock.  This is because of the $750 dollar anti-theft guarantee.  I would put my money on the lock that has the insurance to back it up.

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