Walmart Bicycle Parts and Accessories – Zefal Bicycle Pumps

Zefal’s leading cycling accessory products can be found at a local Walmart.  They have been in the business manufacturing cycling accessories since the 1880’s.   This makes them the oldest manufacture of cycling accessories in the country.   Walmart carries their great cycling pumps in their stores.  At Walmart Zefal’s “unique experience and savior-faire” motto is applied to their products.

The first product that Zefal sells at Walmart is the Genesis Raptor Floor Pump with a gauge.  It has a long hose matched with a heavy-duty steel barrel, which makes it an excellent floor pump to be used either in shop or home.  What sets the Genesis Raptor apart from the rest is its Mid-mounted pressure gauge that allows the user to easily view the air pressure.

Next, Zefal makes a Bigfoot Foot Pump, which is a great option for anyone wanting a professional pump that will last.  It is a great addition for uses in a shop, or even for the home mechanic looking to expand to a shop quality pump.  What is so great about the pump is the large barrel diameter that pushes a lot of volume into your inner tube.  It does have a psi pressure gauge that tops out at 100-psi.  Because of this it is better applicable towards filling lower-pressured tires, such a mountain bike specific pump.   Another great feature is the extra long house, which makes it perfect for using in a professional shop!

I recommend the Zefal Bigfoot Foot Pump if you are pumping inner tubes to a pressure no more then 75-psi.  After 75-psi it requires a lot of force to add pressure due to the large volume, so I wouldn’t recommend it for pumping up road bikes to high pressure.  What my favorite part is though, which I’m sure you will learn to love, is the fact that it is a big volume pump.  I am sure you will be amazed by how little effort and how quickly you can pump up your bicycle tires.

Finally, the Zefal Zen-X Pumpmaster is the last great product that can be found at Walmart.  This is mini pump that is great option if for the customer looking for something a little more reliable then CO2 cartridges.  It is an excellent “trailside companion” and even will work great for road bike applications.  It has a larger 12-inch design so it will be able to pump a bicycle tire up to 120-psi much quicker then other pumps intended for road-side/trail-side repair.  It is included with a durable frame-mounted pump holder bracket that is found to be very convenient.

All three of Zefal’s pumps stated above are great and I guarantee they will keep your bike rolling when in need.  There is a reason Zefal is the oldest cycling accessory brand on the market.  Also all of Zefal’s cycling pumps above are applicable to either a Schrader or Presta valve stem.  Yes, the excellent cycling company does make many other products expanding on the realm of pumps and a majority of their product lines can be found out any local Walmart retail-unit.

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