Walmart Bicycle Parts And Accessories

Walmart found it’s beginning as a department store in 1962.  From it’s founding in Arkansas it has grown to contain 11,000 retail units worldwide.  Though the company has expanded worldwide the United States still remains its hearth.  Almost half of the companies retail units are in the U.S. while employing more then 1.3 million people.  There’re smaller versions of the “Supercenters” that most of us are aware of, such as the “Walmart Express” or the “Neighborhood Market”.  But the majority of the retail units are 24-hours, 7-days a week “Supercenters”.  Then beyond the realm of in-store shopping, Walmart’s e-commerce website has brought their “Save money. Live better.” slogan to 10 different countries worldwide. Now almost any product one can imagine is easily purchasable via web and delivered right to the customer’s door.  Also, an in-store pickup can be arranged with the company’s local retailer, which saves the customer shipping on the order.

Whether you’re a recreational weekend-warrior or an elite competitive cyclist, the thought of Walmart as a viable supplier of bicycle related products is usually lacking.  This is simply untrue; Walmart is just as crucial to cycling as a high-end retailer contributes to the industry.  When you look at the highest level of professional cyclists or even the local enthusiast, they all had to start somewhere.  Walmart is simply that starting point, and it does a great job supplying that role to the world.

Personally, as an employee at a Trek bicycle dealer, the majority of our customers look down upon Walmart.  This is foolish; the majority of them and including me bought their first bicycle from the store.  As a professional mechanic I recognize the purpose of Walmart, and I also realize that they still can be a great resource even if you’ve grown.  For example, an essential product – chain lube – can be purchased for much less at the department store instead of a local bicycle retailer.  When shopping smart Walmart can prove to be a great resource for bicycle related products, no matter the consumer.  I often find myself having a ritual of scanning the bike section in my local Supercenter whenever I’m inside.  It’s always a surprise at what I see, and often it’s something of use.

Finally, when it comes to the whole name-brand verse department store quality argument, Walmart is often assorted in the department store section.  This is completely accurate because Walmart is a department store.  But the argument doesn’t make a lot of sense.  For an example that applies to the majority of people; would you purchase a new Mercedes for a driver who just got their license?  In most cases, probably not!  Instead you would purchase the new driver a car to grow into, one that could handle a dent here and there without causing an issue.  It goes the same  for bikes.  Would you purchase a Trek 7 series Madone for someone who has never ridden a bike?  Some will, but logically it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Instead, the department store avenue should be investigated, and that is where Walmart comes greatly in hand.

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