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White Lightning is the company responsible for keeping bicycle chains clean and smooth all around the world.  Their products are hands-down some of the finest in the industry, even though they’re sold in the largest department store in the world.  But don’t make the assumption that Walmart is their only retailer.  They easily achieve the sought after “bike-shop quality”.  It would be a challenge for someone to walk into a major bicycle retailer, and not find a White Lightning product on the shelves.  Sadly though, they may only be stocking one or two of their great products at the smaller retailer bike-shop.  So that’s when a trip to Walmart is required, or simply a quick hop on to Walmart’s e-commerce website.  Walmart Online Marketplace has much of White Lightning’s product line, including three different kinds of White Lightning bike lube.

White Lightning’s Product Line

The products consist of Easy Clean, a degreaser for the chain. It works great combined with the use of their Chain Cleaner Kit.  After the chain is cleaned they have three-different chain lubes to apply depending on the riding conditions and preference.  And now, when it comes time to applying the finishing touches they make a great Wash and Shine.  It will do the job and have your bike squeaky clean, no-matter if it’s for the picky-professional rider, or just the average enthusiast.

Three Types of White Lightning Bike Lube

Now here is a breakdown of the three-different chain lubricants.  The three products consist of a wax lube, a light silicone based lube, and a heavy synthetic lube.  Each lube is great, and each has their different intended applications based on riding conditions.  The wax based lube, called Easy Ride, is intended  for dry, sandy, and dusty conditions.  It lasts the least longest of the three, with a claim of 50-75 miles.  The next lube, named Epic Ride icon is marketed as the company’s all-condition chain lubricant.  It is best applied when the rider is going to encounter “variable conditions”.  Also, this lubricant is the most useful on the bike, not only just the chain.  It is advertised to be a great lube to be applied for smoother shifting, or if your pedals have a slight squeak.  Now finally White Lightning finishes of their bike lubricant line with their heavy-bodied synthetic lube, Wet Rideicon.  This is the lubricant that will best prevent rust, last the longest, and provide a super-smooth drivetrain.  But don’t forget the fact that it is intended for extreme conditions such as snow, mud, wet, salty, or long distance rides.  With that being said, it’s not the best lube to be used in dry, especially sandy conditions, due to the fact that it will attract grime and dirt.

Select the Product That Fits Your Riding Lifestyle

Now the choice is up to you on which lube that will suit your riding best.  It’s all about experience using wax verse heavy-bodied lubricants to find the one that works.  For example, no one is saying you can’t use White Lightning’s Wet Ride lubricant in dust-haven Southern California if you fall in love with its smooth shifts.  The only factor will be that cleaning your drivetrain may become a ritual after every ride.  But that’s the time when you go to your local Walmart and pick up White Lightning’s Bicycle Chain Cleaner Kit and a nice 6-oz bottle of Easy Clean.

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