What Is A Bicycle Basket?

Bicycle Basket

Baskets are both functional and beautiful.

As bicycles on their own have no way of carrying the things you want to take along with you, other means must be used.  There are water bottle cages to hold water bottles.  There are saddlebags that attach under seats to carry tools, tubes, snacks and other items.  What is a bicycle basket?  It is a basket with special attachment features that allow you to attach them to your bike.

What Kind Of Riding Do You Do?

The type of riding you do will determine if a bike basket is appropriate for you.   Do you ride road bikes and are focused on being as aero dynamic as possible?  Do you ride mountain bikes down rough trails?  If so, then a bike basket is probably not a good choice for you.  If you are more of the casual, around town rider, then a bike basket would be a good way to carry around extra items.    Baskets are fantastic for students who ride their bikes to school, needing to carry books and such.  Transporting groceries after a run to the store is another practical use for bike baskets.  Many dog lovers enjoy taking their dogs on rides with them.  Dog baskets for bikes allow them to do this.  Adding a basket to a bike can be useful in so many ways.

How Do Bicycle Baskets Attach To The Bike?

Baskets are made to attach to bikes in a variety of ways.  For the handlebar mounted baskets, many have straps that wrap around the handlebars.  For added stability, they may also have straps that wrap around the head tube.  Other front mounted baskets have special quick release mechanisms that allow you to attach and remove the basket easily.  The rear mounted baskets are made to attach to an existing rear bike rack.   These can attach to the bike rack with straps and/or quick release mechanisms as well.  In general, bicycle baskets are very easy to attach.

What Kind Of Baskets Are There?

There are many different kinds of baskets, with lots of features to chose from.   Wicker baskets are a favorite among those looking for a more traditional look.  The metal wire baskets are the strongest and most sturdy.  The fabric baskets often have lots of added features like extra pockets and bottle holders. But before selecting a basket based on the material it is made of, or the features it might have, the weight capacity of the basket should be checked.   This can vary greatly from basket to basket and if not observed, can mean the difference between a great ride and a catastrophe.

A bicycle basket is simply a basket that has special attachment features allowing it to be attached to a bicycle in a safe and secure manner.  Selecting the right basket will largely be determined by knowing how much weight you plan on carrying.  Most manufacturers list a suggested weight capacity for their baskets which should be followed to ensure both rider and cargo arrive safely.

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