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Here at Accessories For Bicycles, we are all about the simple pleasure of riding a bike.  Equally important is keeping safety in mind at all times. If you’re a mountain biker or downhill rider, riding within you abilities and wearing the proper safety gear helps to ensure that you will live to ride another day.  If you ride the streets your greatest danger lies in not being seen by cars.  There are many ways to make yourself more visible including bright colored clothing, clothing with reflective elements,  head lights and tail lights.  All of these are great safety choices.  But, if you want to be safe AND be the coolest kid on the block you must check out a new product by a company called MonkeyLectric and their unbelievably cool bicycle spoke lights called Monkey Light Pro.

Kickstarter Project Headed Into Production

MonkeyLectric is a California based company embracing the same spirit that drives us here at Accessories For Bicycles – the love of the ride.  As their website says “nothing compares to the the simple pleasure of a bike ride” and all their products are made to enhance that simple yet glorious pleasure. Their Monkey Light Pros were recently a Kickstarter project that funded on July 21, and are now headed into production.  

Innovative Design Features

The Monkey Light Pro lights use four LED-studded bars that fit along the spokes of your wheel. As you ride, the bars rotate and generate 256-color animated GIFs by exploiting an effect know as the persistence of vision effect.  To keep your images moving in the right direction and in time with your pedaling, the system has four magnetic sensors to track rotational direction and speed, as well as a 2-axis accelerometer, keeping everything in sync at speeds from 10 mph to 40 mph, even backwards!

Designed To Fit Most Bikes

The spoke lights are designed to fit wheels 26 inches in diameter and larger, with each unit weighing just 500 grams.  With an integrated Li-ion battery the lights can run 3 – 8 hours at full brightness and up to 48 hours on lower settings.   Made out of clear, durable urethane, the units are protected from water, dirt and road vibrations and are suitable for daily use.

MonkeyLectric Affordable Options

Killer safety and a wicked cool factor is sure to be a winning combination as these Monkey Light Pro lights start rolling off the assembly line.  Head over to their Kickstarter page and the Monkey Light Pro product page to see more videos demonstrating how amazing these lights are.  However, with the current price tag of $895.00, this kid will have to wait for now to be the coolest kid on the block.  Hopefully in time, the price will come down and be more accessible for us all.    Luckily, MonkeyLectric has other more affordable offerings. The Monkey Light M232  has 32 full color LEDs with 42 patterns at a price of $74.99.  And the MonkeyLectric M210, at $49.99, has 10 full color LEDs with 19 patterns.    Both of these light systems will get you noticed by cars, other riders and pedestrians alike!


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