Wicker Bike Baskets For Dogs

Wicker baskets are a favorite among bicycle enthusiasts looking to accessorize their rides.  Wicker’s old fashioned look flatters every kind of bike with its old world charm.  Regardless of the material used, wicker style baskets will typically be light weight, sturdy and durable.  When thinking about taking you dog on rides with you, wicker bike baskets for dogs are worth considering.

 Is It Rattan or Wicker?

Rattan Wicker Weave

Is this “rattan” or “wicker”?

Do you know the difference between the terms “wicker” and “rattan”?  I didn’t!  Rattan is a type of wood, a relative of the tropical palm tree.  It’s grain grows vertically, instead of in concentric circles like other trees, making it one of the strongest woods available.  Wicker is a specific weaving style that can incorporate any material, though usually plant fibers are used like rattan, bamboo, cane, willow and reed.  There are synthetic types of wicker as well that typically include paper wrapped wire which is then covered with resin or plastic.   I always thought that wicker was a material, not a process.  When I started shopping for my first basket, I was quickly confused when I would see a plastic basket, for instance,  called a “wicker basket”.   Now I know the difference.  And, so do you.  🙂

 A Basket Is A Basket

Though there are several bike baskets on the market that are specifically marketed as dog bike baskets, just about any basket will work as a long as your dog will fit in it and it’s strong enough to hold your pet’s weight.  With the addition of something soft to line the bottom of the basket, and maybe a safety leash, any basket will work to take your pup on rides with you.  It’s really that simple.  That being said, there are a few wicker bicycle baskets for dogs that have special features that make them a better choice than the more generic wicker baskets out there.  Here are a few of the most popular baskets:

Solvit Products

Solvit Products makes a whole line of useful and innovative pet products, with a slogan of “No pet left behind”.  They make a number of dog bike baskets, and one wicker basket of note.

Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket
The Solvit 62331 Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket is a feature packed basket. It's a rattan wicker basket that includes a very stylish, removable sunshade, a safety leash attachment to keep your dog from jumping out, a removable sheepskin liner to keep your dog comfortable during the ride and a bracket system of attachment that allows you to remove the basket easily when your dog won't be joining you.
Solvit 69996 Wire Safety Cage
The Solvit 69996 Wire Safety Cage for Wicker Bicycle Basket is the optional safety cage that can be purchased and attached to the Tagalong to keep your dog in the basket.


The Nantucket Bike Basket Company

The Nantucket Bike Basket Company specializes in wicker baskets and has a number of baskets geared towards helping you carry your dog in safety.

Nantucket Cisco Bike Basket Dog Carrier The Cisco Dog Bicycle Basket is a rattan wicker basket. It features a fleece pad to keep your dog comfortable, it comes with a wire lid to keep your dog in, and a quick release bracket to make removal of the basket quick and easy.
Tuckernuck Bike Basket Dog Carrier
The Tuckernuck Pet Handlebar Baskethas the same useful features that the Cisco has: fleece pad, wire lid, quick release mechanism and the same high quality rattan wicker that the Nantucket Bike Basket Company is known for.
Somerset Bike Basket Dog Carrier
The Somerset Collection Adult Pet Basket with Quick Release is different than the two previous baskets. It is a steel frame covered with a faux-rattan weave made out of highly durable vinyl. This basket is fabric lined, it has the wire lid for safety, and the quick release system to make removal of the basket quick and easy.


Basil BV

Basil BV is a company based in the Netherlands that make fantastic bike baskets.

Basil Pluto Front Dog Basket for Bicyclesis their offering in the the front mounted wicker basket category. Their front mounted baskets utilize a special head tube mounting bracket that customers speak highly of. It also has a safety wire cage lid that can be purchased to provide additional security for you dog.

Basil Pluto Steel Cover is the optional cover you can buy to keep your dog in the basket.


Midnight Pass Products

Like Solvit Products, Midnight Pass Products focuses on bringing a range of thoughtful, innovative pet products to their customers.  

The Pet Cruiser Wicker Cruiser is a feature filled, attractive basket. Among it’s pet specific features are a short leash attachment, a quick release, a safety cage and reinforced basket frame for lasting durability and stability.


Wicker is a fantastic look for bike baskets.  Provided it has the strength and stability to support your pet, just about any wicker basket will work as a dog basket.  However, there are a few baskets on the market that are geared specifically for pets.  Added features like leash attachments, sunshades, padded liners and safety cage lids make those wicker bike baskets for dogs a smart choice.

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